Thursday, November 20, 2014

All about Shad!

Last night we were watching the new season of Duck Dynasty
Thought Shad looked cute with Vermont and Gladys. 

After school today Shad and I went by the new house.  All the workers were gone so I will confess that I climbed the fence to get in with some help from my son:)

Shad is sitting in the living room window eating his after school snack
 Here he is standing in his closet:)  Still eating!

Do you notice his hand hadn't left the bag????
More inside walls are up!!!!! 
Watching the progress is fun!
Well "our" dogs got picked up by animal control.  I was able to track them down today.  The black lab has already been adopted.  The male boxer/pit was on observation till next week since he nipped someone in the neighborhood.  The person I spoke to seem to think he still has a good chance of being adopted, he was not aggressive when he nipped, he was playing with the man but since the dog doesn't have shots, they were afraid of rabies. 
Last weekend there was a puppy that was out at the house but she disappeared before we left.  Some of the guys said they thought she was the other dogs' puppy.  We had really thought of taking her home.  She wasn't out there today either.  We do not need another animal but......
Today I got a ton of paperwork done, that always makes me happy.  It used to be paperwork was so easy for me to get done but nowadays, it just boggles me down  So if I can get things's good!

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