Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Busy Few Days ~Lots of pictures

What a busy few days we've had!  Everything is good, I've just not had time to sit down and write:)

Saturday we had a work day at the new house! The outer walls are all up and most of the rooms have their walls up too.  Even some of the wood that will attach to the siding is up also!

Here is Jon and Shad in the corner of Selah's room Saturday morning
they were working on building a wall

they made and installed the wall between her bathroom and closet

Shad screwed the wall in

He learned how to use a lever


yes this is me nailing.  It took me about an hour to really get it right
The REAL contractors and builders check everything before it is put up.
So we don't have to worry about mistakes

I borrowed the next two pictures from Habitat's FB page
The first is the morning crew

The next is the afternoon crew

We really enjoyed getting to work with the crews and meet so many people.  Shad excelled at working on the house.  He was hoping he could go out there on Monday or Tuesday (since he had off from school) to work but it's been rainy and cold)  Shad's friends came in the afternoon to work and at that point he was building his closet wall.  He did a small area of it by himself with his friends.  One became uninterested and walked away and Shad ordered him "Come back here and work"  and his friend came back and they finished it.  I was off to the side cracking up at Shad!  He has learned from me LOL!!!

Here are some pictures from Sunday, after church.  Both Selah and her nurse Rose were looking so pretty



Yesterday was a stormy day and I think we were all sleepy.  Sarah sat with me and took two naps!  I almost got worried since she rarely naps!  But boy do I love to snuggle her!!!!

then this was from last night after supper.  I guess I filled them up!  Both of them asleep!!!

Well it may hit the freezing mark tonight, here in Florida!  I've got Taco Chili and regular chili in the crock pot cooking.  It's cold, windy and cloudy outside.  Hope you all had a good weekend, we did, just BUSY and hope your week is going good!

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