Friday, November 7, 2014

Doctor Aquavella & Clearing the Garden

A reader sent me this link to a short video about Dr Aquavella, our son's eye  doctor in Rochester.  It is a tribute to him and his life work and what his future plans are.....   There are not words to express our gratitude to him for what he has done for our son.  Not only is Dr A a world class doctor, he is a gentleman.  There is just no one like him.....  He is planning now for when he retires (he is in his 80's) he wants to have someone in place who will take over his life's work.  He worked on the corneal implant since the 60's!  When  I was a little girl playing with dolls, he was working on ideas on how to help kids see better....MY kid!   That just blows my mind!    please take a moment to watch this.

Well I have some wonderful boys out cleaning my garden and yard today!  This year I really let my garden grow up with weeds.  In spite of the weeds we found a lot of sweet potatoes.  I'll be cooking Sarah some sweet potato pie today.  The guys are getting Pizza and a movie this afternoon to express my thanks!  Having three extra guys made things go so much smoother and everyone worked together so well, with good natured joking.  It was a lot easier than me working with Shad and Steve LOL!!!!!  

this is the end result!!!!

Look at all the sweet potatoes that were under the weeds!

Hope you all are having a great weekend! 

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