Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's Thursday!

I took this picture yesterday, isn't it funny?  Kinda looks like they were all checking their phones or one friend suggested...praying:)   Nope Steve had swung them to sleep as I cooked supper.  They woke up once I said the food was ready!  It's easy to tell how much they like to swing as the grass is worn away :)  Sam and Sarah love swinging in their toddler swings, with them being small for their age they still fit but barely.  Both of them could swing for hours every day but can't sit on a normal swing very well.  Neither of them can hold themselves that long and I just don't trust that they wouldn't fall and really hurt themselves.  We've had therapists in the past that really wanted to push Sam and I resisted as I felt IF he felt secure, he'd WANT to do it.  We are planning on buying them each a handicapped swing once we get moved, Selah also.  Selah can't use these because it gives her no head support and she is the biggest of the three.  She usually sits with one of us in the big swing.  However she doesn't care for too much movement.
One thing I've discovered with my kids, once they have the ability to master something, they do it.  A therapist or a parent can waste years trying to force a special needs child to do a certain thing BUT if the ability is not's just not there.  Of course we always try everything with them but there are limits.  If a child can do something, believe me you can not stop them from doing it.  The opposite is true that if they can not do something, you can't make them learn it.  The ability just may not be there. 
It took me a few years before I learned that with Sam.  When he was a baby, he was enrolled in every type of therapy you can think of-at one point he had NINE hours of therapy a week.  That is a lot!  When he was about two, I quit trying to "fix" him.  We stepped away from the massive amounts of therapy and concentrated on ONE major thing at a time.  Around three he began to really walk, not just from one couch to another but all over the house.  During that time we really concentrated on his gross motor skills.  It seemed like he could not focus if we tried to do too much at once.  We still did all the basic therapies but maybe once a week instead of three times a week. 
With the girls, I'm really pushing Sarah right now.  She  gets most of the services I'd like for her to get, Vision, General Education, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech, just not as many hours in some as I would like for her to get. 
Selah gets Vision, General Education, Physical Therapy and Brain Trauma Therapy.  We can not get OT or Speech through the school system for her. 
Sam gets Vision and General Education only.  He does not qualify for PT or OT through the school system or through our private insurance anymore.  He meets the basic standards for his age.  He has just had a "leap" in his understanding.  He's learned to give kisses (in his way) and to pick up his toys (with a little help)  Once we get moved and settled, my goal is to work with him to get potty trained.  Sam has always had windows where there would be this 'great leap forward" in his understanding.  He still can not speak except for Mama and NO but we can tell him to do things and he totally gets it.  It's cute to see him earnestly picking up his toys and putting them in the toy box or turning on his water machine.  With Sam we go through rituals for bed time and everything is done in the same order, every night and it gives him a feeling of control and knowing what the next step will be.  So his last step before he walks over to his crib is to turn on the "water machine" that gives them a background sound to sleep to.  It's adorable to see him find the turn on button and then walk right to bed!
Sarah doesn't require rituals, she is so easy going but she does know as soon as her teeth are brushed, she is going to bed and doesn't like that being changed.  If her teeth get brushed and we get busy doing something else, she seems a little perturbed.   Sarah's one thing she craves is being held on my lap.  Usually Jon and I watch our pre-recorded news shows at night and she wants to be right up in my lap the whole time.  If our schedule changes or supper runs late or I get busy doing something else, it seems to throw her off a little.  She craves love and gentle touch.  Her favorite thing right now is to touch me- my face, my nose and at times my glasses.  Or she likes me to rub the inside of her palm with my nails.....for hours....and hours....LOL  
Selah LOVES rituals and is quite irritated if her schedule gets mixed up.  Of course the time change has her falling asleep at 5pm instead of 6pm.  Selah likes to know what to expect also.  Before the accident, she did not care about leaving the house except to go outside.  She loved the security of being home.  She is still the same way but I have noticed her last few doctor appointments have not seemed to stress her out as much as before.  When I look at her at night, sleeping peacefully & comfortably, I am so thankful that God spared her life both in the orphanage and in the accident.  It's a blessing to know she is peaceful.  Her feeding runs all night long, so she falls asleep to her supper.  I'm so thankful she is not in pain but that she can show us IF she is in pain.
Well today is "our Friday"  Steve doesn't have any classes on Fridays and Jon's days off are Friday & Saturday.  The kids do not have any teachers or therapists on Friday either.  But poor Shad has to go to school:)  So I feel like the weekend is almost upon us. 

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