Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Misty Rain

This picture is from yesterday.  It is our road with misty rain and fog about 2pm in the afternoon.  I thought the picture turned out lovely!

I will tell you a funny....  I'm outside taking pictures, it was just so beautiful and still.  A second after I took this picture there was a huge lightning flash and thunderclap!  I thought I was a goner!!!!  Well thankfully I did not get hit and I did get a beautiful picture. 

We have the most unusual rain sometimes, it is a soft, misty rain with fog.  It's always alluded my efforts to catch it in a picture.  I've never seen "our kind of rain" anywhere else.  It's almost like being at Niagara Falls  and having the mist all around.  It's just gives the most peaceful feeling.....

Well I hope all my American readers have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Our turkey has been defrosting and I plan to put it in the oven around 3 am this morning so it's done early.   We were laughing at how BIG it is (24 pounds) and this year we have the smallest crowd in years 10 people...we'll have a lot left over.  This turkey weighs FIVE pounds more than Sarah did when we brought her home at 5.5 years old.  For some reason that has just freaked me out!!  She's a lot bigger than the turkey now and thanks to my wonderful Magic Bullet she will be chowing down on the turkey tomorrow right along with us! My girl LOVES to eat! 

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