Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Kitty Cat

Last weekend our black & white kitty died unexpectedly.  It had not been sick, didn't have any visible wounds on its body or unusual signs like foaming at the mouth.  Jon saw it that morning lying under the canoe, but didn't think anything of it until we hadn't seen it all day.  The only thing we can think is that is had some disease or genetic problem. She had had all her vaccines and been fixed but was always tiny & thin yet she ate often.  Anyhow it was a shocker since it was a young cat.
The very next day we see a snow white cat outside.  At first the cat ran from us, but Shad was able to pet it this week....and now it is moved in LOL  She is a really sweet cat.  We all like her and for now her name is Gabby. 

Look what Shad found in the garden today
Two Snails!

I've made it my goal for our family not to eat out this week!  And we've made it!
I've also really worked hard on making meals for Sarah.  I had been really excited about some new baby food I'd found for her until I opened one and found white and green growth on it!  UGH!  So NO more store bought baby food!!!!
Here is a picture of 14 servings for her.  I have homemade chicken noodle soup, spaghetti, Taco chili, and beef stew.  What I do is cook the meal and then puree' at least a couple of containers to freeze for her for those days we have something for supper that doesn't really puree good like sandwiches, salad or pizza.   I'm quite proud of my "Sarah stash"!  And it makes it very easy for anyone to feed her, just defrost for 10 minutes and she has a good meal that doesn't even require pureeing!   

Today I cooked the Taco Chili that I posted about a few days ago.  Even my most pickiest kid, Steve, liked it enough to eat four bowls:)  I doubled the recipe so that I'd have plenty to freeze for Sarah. 
When I was younger I never "got" the need as a wife or a mom to feed people.  My family was obsessed with cooking!  Food has always been on the backburner for me LOL.  I can go all day without eating if I get busy or am having fun.  My husband has to have breakfast as soon as he gets up which annoyed the heck out of me.  THEN my kids all are the same way!  Of course with Sam, he has so many real issues with Hypoglycemia that he has to eat but the other ones just bother me!  My stomach doesn't wake up till about 11 am at the earliest.  
But as I've gotten older and gotten more kids, I've really started to appreciate cooking more.  First it was just "easy" cooking,.  Then we started eating organically mostly for Sam's sake.  Around the same time, I started gardening in earnest.  All  of that led me to cook more.  Of course as our family grew, I had to cook more to save money. 
Now I actually enjoy cooking for my family.  I like planning meals and making them for our family.  I like to know the foods they eat are healthy (for the most part)  I really like to cook to make Sarah happy:)  She loves her food!!!!
We are expecting some rain and cooler temps here in Florida.  Looking forward to supper with the family and a movie.   Hope you all have a good weekend!


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