Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Park, Slab and Recipe

Well the election is over and I'm happy happy happy!  For the very first time in my life, everything & everyone  I voted for, WON!  Or in the case of Amendment 2...."medical" marijuana LOST!  Watching the results come in last night was pretty amazing.  My "hope' has been restored for this country!

My hope is not so much in the politician as it is in the voters themselves.  They realized that something needed to be done...and they did it

Now it is up to the newly elected leaders to do the job they promised to do!

So this morning I got up in a good mood!  For the past week, I've had pain in my left food/ankle so I've not been walking but it felt better so I tried a flat walk at the park.  I only made it through a mile and have been paying for it all day long.  In the past year, I've had pains like this in various other parts like in my hand....then it goes away!  I'm hoping for this to go away soon!

What a nice morning!

How do they do that???

Sometimes I feel like this little fellow looks....LOL

This particular area reminds me of Ukraine

I knew the slab was going in at the house so I had to go and see it!


Doesn't it look good!  Can't wait till it is finished but it is very interesting to see a house go up.  I've never really been involved in anything like this and I'm learning a lot!  Probably driving the guys' crazy, with all the questions, but it is really interesting. 
I did solve a mystery about the dogs...EVERYONE is feeding them!  Today me and one of the builders confessed we had dog food in our vehicles for them!  A few days ago, I met one of our first neighbors, the dogs were lying in his yard till they saw me.  The neighbors are also feeding them!   We have all decided the male is not a pit but rather a boxer mix-maybe a little pit.  He has become my best friend in the last few days.  So they are getting plenty of food and love:)  They still need a home, our Lab would be quite upset with us over them.  She is old and will fight them and hurt herself so we can't keep them.
Let me share one recipe that I just picked up at our grocery store.  It is the BOMB!
11/2 pound ground beef ( I used chicken)
2-10oz cans of diced tomatoes (used Ro-tel)
1-16 oz can of chili beans in sauce ( used two)
1-16oz can of red kidney beans (used two)
1-16oz Southwest corn with peppers drained
1-15 oz can of Hominy drained
1-10oz can of enchilada sauce
1 packet of Taco seasoning
Brown meat
add everything to a crockpot PLUS about 3 cups of water ( I added that in)
cook on high for 3-4 hours or low for 7-8 hours
This is SO GOOD!!!!!
Let me tell you that was so good. Next time I am doubling the whole recipe.  I pureed it for Sarah and she just loved it but I could only save one extra serving for her before it was gone  I like to make and freeze her food so it is handy.

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