Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Racism has no place in America!

I don't know about you but we were watching the TV last night as the verdict from the Grand Jury was read last night.  And I'm angry!  I'm angry that people would react to our court system like they did.  I'm angry that racism is used as an excuse for lawlessness.  I'm angry that our leaders have no backbone or may even want to stir up racism in their comments. 

For 13 years altogether I worked in the juvenile justice system.  I can honestly say I do not remember any situation where a probation officer, a cop, a judge, or a lawyer acted in a racist way towards anyone "in the system"  There were times when it was an "us vs. them" situation BUT the "us" might just be a black officer dealing with a black teen.  It was law enforcement verse criminal, whether the criminal was black, white or Hispanic. 

My husband has worked in law enforcement as an officer ( just a little over a year or two) and as a chaplain ( now close to 17 years)   He has seen or heard of  a few incidents of possible racism over the years but it was as apt to be a black officer on a white criminal as it was to be a white officer on a black criminal.  In fact the last firing/resigning I know of was of a black officer who said something to a white criminal who was baiting him.  My sympathy was 100% with the officer!  When I heard from someone what had happened, I could have cried!  I had known the officer for some years and always thought the world of him.  I KNOW that officer did not hate whites, he was just pushed beyond his self control by a white criminal and said & maybe did something ( I can not remember all the details right now) that he should not have, being the professional he was, and he lost his job. 

I HATE that this whole Ferguson incident has become about race.  I'm very proud that the Grand Jury listened to the testimonies and made a decision based on facts NOT stories and not emotions!  It is quite interesting that the "witnesses" stories began to change once the autopsy reports came out, reporting that Brown had not been shot in the back.  If you listened to what the DA said last night, it was almost laughable as he talked about witnesses who changed their stories or who backed away from testifying once other witnesses and evidence made it clear that the people were lying.  I'm so proud that many in that community stepped up and told the truth of what they saw, I'm sure some were scared of their own friends and neighbors because the real story did not fit in to what the race baiters wanted to be told. 

I do not believe that Officer Wilson targeted or shot Brown because he was black.   Officer Wilson was a cop in good standing.  Michael Brown was a criminal who had just robbed a store.....  Brown was much bigger than Officer Wilson and had drugs in his system.   No one reported that Officer Wilson said anything racist to Brown.  Wilson has no background of doing anything like that at all.

This is a blog that I thought was very good....

I wish this country could get past always having people make things be "black verse white"   I don't know about you but I judge people on their character NOT the color of their skin.  There are some crappy white folks and their are some wonderful black folks....there are also great white folks and awful black folks....or Hispanic, Asian etc.....   The color of someone's skin is not an indicator of the person's character.  There are white people I would not want to be alone in a room with!  And then there are some black folks I'd trust my life to.....  So don't allow race baiters to turn something that was NOT about race ever.....but about a cop trying to protect a community from a thug!


  1. I watched in disbelief as people's dreams went up in flames last night. None of the small business had anything to do with the issue. I am also completely disgusted at the media both right sand left leaning - they've spent three owners stoking up emotions and last night, they could hardly hide their glee when the riots erupted and then the talking heads retreated to their ideological
    corners. A thug who was high on drugs and who had just assaulted a helpless store clerk before engaging a cop should not be held up as the symbol of injustice against young black men.

  2. Yvonne, I live about 2-1/2 hours from Ferguson, MO and this is just heart wrenching to see what has happened. I do not UNDERSTAND why people want to destroy their own community over this it is just sad. I am not sure if and when they will get a control on this. I feel so bad for the business owners in this area as they have nothing to do with this and they are losing there way to support their family. So So Sad. We were to go to St. Louis this Saturday but I told my husband NO WAY NO WAY. I am not going to put my life in danger so we will skip our Holiday festivies in this area that we were to attend. They have actually shut down the airport in St. Louis due to this. Like I said so very sad that our country has resorted to this. I told my husband it looks like a Third World country down there and maybe all these looters should get the "heck" out of our country and go some place else. I have total respect and support Office Darren Wilson as I believe he was protecting himself 100% and felt in danger. I also heard that 2 reporters from New York published his Address for all the world to see. If something happens to this man I would hope someone holds them responsible.

    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. I am angry that my son will be profiled by police, store owners, and the general public. That he will be more likely to be shot by police. I am angry that he will be feared. I am angry that it is not the content of his character that will cause this but the color of his skin. That is the outcry and outrage. It isn't about one incident. It is many. It is daily cases of racism, small and big.

    1. I have a 19 year old son who has been stopped by a cop before, it happens to young men- not just blacks. Maybe you should read these two posts both written by black men



      Great posts -

  4. I wish there was no racism in America but sadly there is and it takes place everyday. I think for a middle aged white woman (of which I am one) to claim that there is no racism happening in the criminal justice system is pretty ignorant or blind. Just because we may never have seen or experienced it first hand doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    As white woman I'm pretty sure very few of us has ever experienced individuals crossing the street when they see us coming, avoiding eye contact all based on the color of our skin, the clothes we are wearing or the coverings on our head.

    I'd like to trust that the grand jury in the Michael Brown case did their civic duty and carefully reviewed the the evidence. I will even accept that in this particular instance Officer Wilson was justified in his killing as he was fearful of his life.

    But 1,217 deadly police shootings from 2010 to 2012 captured in the federal data show that blacks, age 15 to 19, were killed at a rate of 31.17 per million, while just 1.47 per million white males in that age range died at the hands of police. Young black men are 21x more likely to die at the hands of a police officer than young white men.

    If even half of these deaths can be explained as police officers fearful for their own safety, then I think, we as a country, have to ask ourselves why do the police appear to be so much more fearful of young black men? We must come up with a solution a viable solution and asking these individuals to "get the heck" out of THEIR Country is not a viable solution.

    I am so thankful that I won't have to explain to a young man that I love that he needs to be even more careful and conscientious then other young men of same age but different race. It seems the police are more likely to automatically assume that he is more likely to be a danger to that officer.

    On an off topic, I noticed your picture of Selah in the car. As a pediatric occupational therapist working with individuals with significant challenges, I was dismayed to Selah transported in a car with only a seat belt. Unless Selah is able to maintain adequate head support for extend periods of time AND maintain independent seating balance (both of which appear unlikely based solely on the pictures you post and the extent of damage she has suffered) she should be transported in an appropriate vehicle restraint system. Just because the law in Florida says that children of her age and weight don't have to use car seats to not do so in her instance is in my opinion very poor judgement on your part. There are appropriate transport systems available for children of her size and age. I would suggest you look into them, because it wouldn't take more than a tight turn or sudden stop to put her health and safety at risk.

    1. First on the "off topic" we had been given a SN car seat but it did not fit into our van correctly nor could be fit Selah into it because of her stiffness.. The seats are about $1000. We have tried several different things. Right now we are well within the law AND I had one of our therapists look at how we transport her and it is adequate. We hope to soon have a handicapped accessible van where she can stay in her wheel chair and be transported. She does have some head control thank God, because even with the chair, her head is not restrained.

      Secondly, I worked in the criminal justice field for over a decade and can absolutely honestly say I never saw any racism directed at any of the criminals we dealt with. The ONLY time I felt any racism it was from an administrative person who did not deal directly with public. That racism was directed towards staff. I did not join in BUT I did listen to the administrator because I wanted to be truthful and clear when I made a complaint to her supervisor. That administrator lost her job over several things and my testimony was part of it.