Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Working on the Play

We've had such a busy week, can't believe it is the weekend again.  This week has sped by......

This morning I worked with our music minister on the Christmas play.  Yeah I know it's a little a lot late but at least we are doing it.  It's going to be a very simple play with the children acting out the nativity scene while my husband reads the Christmas story.  We are also throwing in some Christmas hymns throughout so the whole congregation can join in.  Shad and Sam will be Wise Men (Shad holding Sam's hand and trying to keep him in place) Sarah and Selah will be angels.  Sam's favorite doll will be Baby Jesus.  One of my blog readers sent the doll to us.  It is a boy Cabbage Patch doll and Sam loves to take the doll's clothes off.  It is quite funny.  So we do not know what to expect during the play:)   We have about 15 - 18 kids that regularly attend our church now so we've tried to make roles for everyone.  There are a couple of kids who LOVE the spotlight (one of mine is one of those LOL)  Most of the other kids, have to be bribed a bit!!

After we worked on the music for tomorrow and the music for the play we took our music minister out to see the house.  For the FIRST time we figured out the lock on the fence.  If we've come when the workers were gone, we've had to climb fences or squeeze in gates.  It was great to go in the right way and not worry about someone calling the police!  Walking through the house and seeing it come together as it is being framed is just plain exciting.  The only room left to frame is part of Steve's and Sarah's where their closets will be back to back.  Also the kids' bathroom and the kitchen need work  and then it will be framed.    Our friend was so taken back by the property with all the mature trees on it.  It is such a beautiful peaceful piece of land.  I can not wait to be able to sit on the porch and relax out there!!!!  

Another GREAT thing about the house....there is a convenience store, only a mile or so away!  IF you have not lived in the country you have NO idea of how wonderful it is to be able to jump in the car or walk down the road and be at a store in just a minute!  It has been about 14 years since we lived within walking distance of a store, even here the walk would be probably a mile and a half but hey that is close for us!  For us it is quite the trip to go to a store and we BETTER make sure we don't come home with the car on empty!  There is one store about 5 miles from our house towards town.  In the other directions, there is nothing for 10-15 miles - no lie!  We have relatives that live in a subdivision within walking distance of probably 15 restaurants, a Wal-Mart, a nice shopping center and there was a movie theater there until recently.  If I lived there, I'd be FLAT OUT BROKE all the time!  Shopping or even picking up food is something that is planned around here.  Nothing is convenient which is GREAT in some ways but a pain in other ways! 

Well I bought a BIG turkey!  BIG!  24 pounder!  I confess I usually get the Turkey that either pops the little thingy out when it is done or the precooked one from Publix.  This year I got the REAL one with the guts and everything in it!  I've only done this once before and it did turn out good so hopefully this one will too.  If you live near a Publix, they are having an incredible sale going on right now.  I only spent about $12 for that turkey!  If I had more room, I'd probably buy another one and keep it frozen for such a deal.  I was SOOOOOO tempted to buy the more expensive one that was easier but I figure a woman with FIVE kids ought to be able to do this!  It is already defrosting in the church's fridge.  We have two fridges in the fellowship hall and they are a blessing to me in times like these!  In fact that is where I will cook and serve the dinner on Thursday as it is easier for our family and everyone who is coming.  We were laughing and saying "Next year ...the NEW house!"

Steve is finishing all his assignments for college for this semester.  Yesterday I went with him to the public library and checked over everything before he submitted it.  Our computer access is so bad here, that he can't log into the college's system.  Anyhow this gave me a chance to get some new books!  YEAH two of my favorite authors had new mysteries out.  I finished one yesterday:)  I'm trying to make myself wait to start the other one till next week but it maybe a futile attempt.

We've had nice cool weather here in Florida and I've been living in Pajama pants!  It started last Sunday night when I had to go with Steve to find internet at a local restaurant.  It was cold and rainy and I was so snuggled in my fleeced  Grumpy PJs.  So I just went to town in them!  I'm so tired of NOT having good internet.  In fact I'm trying to post that picture now and it doesn't seem to work although it may go through for the blog.  In the new house, we will have REAL internet!  Woohoo!  No more satellite internet that is spotty at best.

Well hope you all have a good weekend! 

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