Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Pictures


We attempted a family picture today after church.  

if you didn't notice we all have on black/grey/white:)  It just "happened" while i was getting everyone's clothes together and I asked the nurse to dress Selah in the same colors.  

After lunch I went to Beal's.  I had some store bucks and I bought this shirt and shorts for Sarah for JUST 22 cents!!!!!!  The shirt was originally $17 and the shorts $16.  I would have NEVER spent that much on either of them but I'm very happy with the $32. 78 savings I got :)  

Well it is a dreary  day here in the Sunshine State.  We got some rain and the temps are going down to at least the 50's  LOL    Yesterday I did get a square foot garden planted with lettuce before the rains came.  There is nothing like a good soft rain to help seeds grow.  

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