Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Day in the Life of Me

What a whirlwind of a day.....just to recap....

Jon was off from work!
Steve had an early morning dentist appointment so I got him and Shad up and out.  Steve dropped Shad off.
Make two crockpots of chili
Nurses' shift change
Sam and Sarah up, changed and given breakfast...
Physical therapist arrives for Selah then Sarah.
Vision teacher arrives for Selah, Sam and Sarah
Steve gets home, now needs two wisdom teeth out.....
(he did manage to get our cell phone bill corrected at the cell phone store)
I go to get my nails done and hair trimmed
ENDURE having my nails done (love the outcome- can't stand anyone touching me and really really hate the little electric file!)
Run to Publix for a few things
Leave Publix $56 poorer with just 4 plastic bags of groceries!
Drive home, call husband to have kids ready to go
Get home, get kids
fill up with gas
turn around and pick up Shad from school
take all kids (except Shad-he got his last week) to get their hair cut
Have Sam Shaved
Cut off over 3 inches of Sarah's hair
Get home and cook grilled ham & cheese to go with chili
Make sweet tea
Feed family put Sam to bed
Finish eating.....
Steve leaves for classes, one is the Final for the class-good luck!
'Relax" by reading facebook
Do blog-it's only 6 pm!
Still got to fix a small supper
change a few diapers
give Sam and Sarah their baths and get them ready for bed- brush teeth....
pick up house....
watch the news
fall asleep!

I couldn't have gotten as much done as I did today but Jon was home so he changed diapers and did eyedrops!

Well I'm tired....this is just a regular medium day in my life....

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