Friday, December 5, 2014

A Stalking we will go.....

Ok I REALLY try NOT stalking the new house.  But the kids always want to go by it...that's my story at least.  We went by today and wow- it 's a house!!!   It seems like the house is progressing so fast.  But of course we can hardly wait till it's finished!






So I can't see the pictures as I blog but they always show up when I post.  How odd! But as you can see all the outer wood walls are up and the windows are all cut out. 


So many thoughts going through my brain right now.  One thing I'm thinking about is my gratefulness to God for all He has given me.  My husband and children fill my heart more than I could have ever imagined when I was younger and so alone.  I never dreamed I'd have so many people to love.  I believe every good gift comes from God and they all have been "good gifts".  No matter what lies ahead, I am so blessed that I've had them with me.  Every night I thank God for what He has given me in them. 

Often I write quite interesting blogs in my head that never make it to the blog....LOL  otherwise I might have to hire a few body guards!  I've been writing a few lately IN MY HEAD only but one or two might make it on here if I ever get the time. 

Another thing is I'm FREAKING out about our upcoming trip to NY.  We've not gone back as a family since we left there December of 2012-two years ago.   I found it very hard emotionally when I flew up with Sam in 2013 and I'm dreading the whole emotional thing it may bring up.  Chances are we will stay in the same room that we spent 5 months in.  

If you've not figured it out yet, I'm not one who likes to deal with emotions.  I deal by pushing things down and going on with life.  Don't knock it, it works.....that's how I get through life.  I do not dwell on things or I should say I don't deal on things for long.  Personally I do not think it is too healthy.  So I do not let myself be put into emotional situations if I can help it.  Obviously I can't help this.  Sam must be seen by Dr A and Sarah needs to be seen too.  It is way cheaper for us all to drive up together than to fly.  Plus this way the boys (Shad and Steve will come too) 

Traveling over the Christmas holiday is totally stressful in and of itself!  I'm worried about snow, ice and other drivers!!   The only good thing is we are all looking forward to seeing our NY friends and making sure all is well with Sam and Sarah's eyes.

Sarah is being seen because her eye seems to be shrinking and it's often blood red.  I'm also afraid of what that might mean to her tiny bit of sight. 

Well I think I'll go and take one of my anxiety pills tonight!!!!!  LOL.....  I've not taken one for months but it sounds like a good idea now!

I would certainly appreciate prayers about this upcoming trip! 

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