Friday, December 19, 2014

BIG Catch up...Christmas Play pictures...and we're on the Road!

Well we are on the road!  We made it to Columbia SC and are in a hotel for the night.  FINALLY I can download the Christmas Play pictures.  For some reason the pictures I've loaded lately have been odd....someone who understands computers better than me, might be able to figure it out but I think tonight's will be ok:) 
So to catch up, Sunday morning was our Christmas I wrote & directed with LOTS of help from St Matthew and St Luke and our music pastor Guy!  Basically the kids acted out the Christmas story with the congregation joining in in song with various people leading different songs.   Jon read the scriptures
Our band did "Carol of the Bells"  (Shad played the marimba)  and "Sleigh Ride" also.
So we included everyone in the congregation in the play in one way or another:)
 Our Angel Selah

                                      Shad playing!

 Sarah and Selah were part of the "Heavenly Host"
 My two wise men!!

Sam was VERY thoughtful!

Sam smelled the cologne bottle ( it was a wiseman's gift) and looked as if he were bowing and worshipping:)



My Angel Baby!

Baby Jesus was sent to Sam from a reader, its a Cabbage Patch doll that he loves:)

The cast!!!!






This week just flew by as I tried to get ready to leave and just had a zillion things to do.....this was hard as packing for our trip to Ukraine.  We are Florida folks and even our "winter clothes" are quite thin.  I managed to find a few things and layer up things for them all.  Shad, Sam and Sarah had had such a growth spurt from 2012.  When we were up in NY after the accident, we had to get all winter clothes since we came in August in shorts and left in December in winter clothes!  then last winter, the kids wore the clothes again...but couldn't make it a third season LOL!!!  Anyhow I learned it is VERY hard to find thick clothes in Florida but at least Sam and Shad have plenty of pants now since they mostly live in shorts!
I got a chance to spend the day with one of my best friends on Thursday.  she was at the airport when we came home from Ukraine and took this picture....I'd never seen it before....
Sarah was 5.5 years old and weighed 19 pounds at the doctor's the next morning....this picture blows me away...
Those clothes were 18 months....It was actually a jumper but we added the pants.  She was a BABY!
So we had our Christmas last night.  It was easier to do it at home than to try and bring the presents up as some were things we wouldn't bring with us. 

Sam liked his doggy and it had a light up tummy

Steve got this at the Habitat for Humanity's Restore for $60 from his Christmas money given to him by a friend!
Brand new, the guy who brought it in said the remote didn't work so he was going to buy another one!
LOL we have heard of a Universal Remote.....
Steve is so excited.  He had given away his tv to our church's band yard sale this past summer.  He didn't use it anymore since he didn't have a room.  But soon he'll have a room and a new tv:) 

It's ALL about the light up toys in our home!!!

LOVE that my little girl is FINALLY playing with toys.
Selah had gone to sleep by the time we did presents so I laid her's on her bed. 
Selah has been remarkably alert lately. As always it is so hard as one day she will look at everyone when they speak to her, then other days not seem so aware but over the last week, she has looked at us so much.  I love it
Here are some funny pictures from our day today.....
I looked back after we stopped for brunch at Cracker Barrel....
I think they got drugged....
I did wake Shad up and made him turn around!!!!!!

Later Sam fell asleep....

Please keep us in prayer.  As you can imagine, this is a stressful trip.  It's the first time we've returned as a family to Rochester since the accident.  Also traveling over the holidays is harder than I expected emotionally.  I'm having a lot of anxiety and am quite thankful for my meds that I've not had to touch for months.  I'm not a superstitious person but I' dealing with lots of fears, even the driving makes me have to take some deep breaths...  I hate feeling such a sense of dread.....
Well we are all in bed.  the boys are reading and we have a Christmas choir playing.  It has put Sarah to sleep and Sam is just lying next to Steve rubbing his hands together in his sleepy little way he does. 
Thought I'd leave you with a picture of a neighbor!
we have lots of peacocks in our neighborhood

And no I'm not worried about anyone breaking in our home!  We have nurses there and people staying with Selah!  Plus an alarm system and a big dog....

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  1. Praying for safe travel, lessened anxiety, a great eye report, and good times with friends. It has to be hard but you have gotten this far since the accident and you will keep going! I'm glad you know the promises of God deep in your hearts! Merry Christmas Clantons!!!!