Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bonati Spine Institute 's gift to Selah!

What a great day for Selah and our whole family!  Dr. Alfred Bonati, of the Bonati Spine Institute, gave us a van to be modified for Selah's use!  We went over this morning, the kids, me and our nurse and met with his staff as we waited for him to finish surgery.  The staff were all so gracious to us and the kids had a great time while we waited.  There were lots of snacks so you know they were happy, although a few might have had Cheetoo colored  teeth & hot chocolate breath! :)   Dr Bonati present us with the keys to a van filled with stuffed toys.   He is such a kind and generous man.  We felt so much love and support from him and his entire staff.  What a way to begin the Christmas season

the above is a link to a story Bay News 9 did about this wonderful gift

Here is the Bonati Spine Institute's blog-they will be posting pictures from today at some point

Today was a historic day for our family.  It is the very first time I've gone out with all five of the children since the accident.  Jon was unable to come but our nurse came with us so we'd be able to bring Selah and I'm so glad we were able to do so.

After we left the Institute, we stopped to eat out.  Again that was the first time we'd taken Selah to a restaurant since the accident.  Of course she did not eat, but I think its good for her to be out some.  Before today she only went out for doctor's appointments, and of course to church but since we live so close, that's not really going out.  We did take her once to the first work day at the house but that has been it for over two years.

Once we get the new van modified for her wheelchair, we plan on going out quite often with her.  She did so good today, and is sleeping quite soundly right now:) 

We are so grateful for this normalcy to be returned to our family.  It's going to be great to be able to just roll her in to the van and go......   It's so much safer for her, as she will be able to stay in her wheelchair and it will hook into bolts on the floor.  It's also safer for her not to have to be lifted from the bed to the wheelchair and then from the wheelchair to the van....  Now we will be able to put her in the wheelchair beside her bed and she will be able to be wheeled into the van and stay in her chair until we get back home to her room.  Plus this will be safer for all of us who transport and lift Selah. 

As I was talking with some of the staff today, I shared how hard the past 2.5 years have been....but I also shared how very faithful God has been to us AND how so many have come along side of us to lift the burdens off our shoulders.  No one can completely change our situation BUT we've had so many help us to walk through it.    This new van will make ours and Selah's lives so very much easier! 

The van will be modified for her and we will deal with all of that once we get back from our NY trip.    Selah will not be going with us since it is such a long hard trip.  We are going for Sam's and Sarah's eye appointments & it's the only time that we can be fit into the schedule, over Christmas!   I'm really working on trying not to dread the trip.  I'd always looked forward to going to NY for Sam's eye appointments but now to be gone over the holidays and to have to deal with all the emotions that come with revisiting the area where the accident's not easy....  But I'm sure God will give me the grace to deal with it all.

So thank you again to Dr Bonati!   I'm not sure I was able to express to you how much this van for Selah is appreciated by our family!!  But it will be life changing!

BTW....I'm not quite sure how that quote about "going to the flea market" got in LOL!  Our nurse and I had often said we'd both like to go to the world famous Webster Flea Market.....and we did say we'd go one day with Selah just to walk her around there.  BUT that is not the main thing we'd use the van for LOL!!!!!!!     I did talk about taking Selah to church once we move and to a handicapped accessible park ....NOT just to a flea market!!!!   My friends are all laughing at me!

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