Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve in Sutton West an empty hotel

Last night one of my best friends from college came by the RMH to visit us.  Charlene and I have been friends for over 29 years.  I'm so glad she lives in the Rochester area, we get to see her every year!  We were laughing last night that seems impossible that we have ADULT children!!!!!  How did that happen?
We want to thank Rochester Ronald McDonald House again for their kindness to our family.  they are so gracious to us and our large family.   The staff and the volunteers are just amazing.  The food was so good during this holiday season.  It was like staying at a 5 star resort:)   Volunteers come in daily and prepare suppers for all the families.  This week some volunteers also came and made breakfasts too.  My kids were very happy!  We just love everyone there, it's like coming home to be there....
So we left about 9 am and hit the road.  We stopped in Morgantown WVA and ate at the Olive Garden there for Sarah's bday, a few days late.  That is her favorite restaurant.  They will puree the soup for her so she had two big bowls and then ice cream for her birthday!
This is her Birthday dress.




Ice cream time!!!!

yes the boys were there!
We drove another hour and a half before we stopped for the night.  We are in a Microtel (one of our favorite hotels to stay in on a long trip- usually clean and cheap for just a few hours sleep)
I changed Sarah into her new pj's
she looks about how I feel!!!
We hope to make it to Columbia SC by tomorrow night but we try not to get too stressed about things because when you travel with these little ones, you have to make sure their needs are met!  That means FOOD!  My kids like food!
On Christmas Eve it's odd to be here on the side of a mountain in a big hotel that is empty....only 9 other rooms are occupied....the parking lot is bare of cars.   The big storm has started and the lights have blinked off....  the rain is coming down, glad we got in before it hit.   This hotel caters to hikers/white water rafters in the summer months but it's empty now, most everyone else is home with their families.  I have to say this is the strangest Christmas we've ever spent but we are together and on our way home to Selah so I have to try and be positive!   I will say I never want to do this again!  Even tho I'm not a big holiday person, this is a real downer to be away from home at this time.  I'm a practical person and I can think of things that way and it helps-    Sam needed to come & Sarah also did too.  We didn't want to wait till January we certainly couldn't chance the storms then and we had to drive to take both of them, otherwise it would be too expensive for us to fly all four of us.    Oh well....we're done and almost 500 miles closer to home than we were last night.....
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and along with myself realize the message of Christ is more than even being at home for the holidays.  The message of Christmas is more than what is happening in my life or your's what happened over 2,000 years ago when a Baby was born who came to save the world....

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