Monday, December 1, 2014

Gator Bait!

This is a CRAZY picture that a friend of mine posted today.  It was taken yesterday by a family on their way home from church.  This is from the East coast of Florida in the Palm City area.  The gator is eating a wild hog.  The big vultures are hoping for a scrape or two. Thought this was a wild picture!!!  The joys of living in Florida!

Good thing I didn't see this picture yesterday!  Jon & I wanted to go to the woods to hike but the day flew by.  We finally had time right after the sun set.  So we loaded up and went.  We included flash lights, head lights (lights worn on the head) and MACE (the real stuff not the $10 kind you can buy at Walmart)  There is a preserve right near our house so we went there.  After all the crazy little tiny trails we went on Saturday, we went on a nice big one, made by a machine with some shell on it so it was nicer.  Anyhow we got out there and it was pitch dark except for the moon.  After I got over being nervous, it was really quite the adventure and I'm glad I went with him.  Wish I could have taken pictures but it was too dark.  We could feel cold air streams, then we'd walk into an area with warm air streams.  Jon kept telling me there were ancient Indian burial spots out there.....  I did refuse to go down by the river with him!  It was not a night to run into gators!!!

Well hope everyone is having a good start to their week!!!!

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