Sunday, December 28, 2014


Yes we got home on Friday!  Woohoo!

We spent Friday and Saturday unpacking, resting and for me, grocery shopping.  This trip seemed so long and hard for us.  Thank you all for your prayers for safety and for our emotions.  We did better than I expected.

Saturday I did a big shopping trip and began cooking.  For yesterday I made Taco lasagna, yellow rice and black beans.  I also did a pork roast and mac&cheese for today along with real mashed potatoes.  I have a meatloaf ready to cook for tomorrow and baked ziti cooked and in the freezer for Tuesday.  It felt good to cook and have "real" food!  I also made 3 quarts of sweet tea!  LOL!  My reaction to being "up north" 

Selah did really good while we were gone and I'm so thankful for our nurses caring for her.  It was hard to leave her during the holidays but we really feel like we didn't have a real Christmas either.  It's hard to be in the Christmas spirit when you are driving 1,200 miles!  Although I guess to some small degree I can imagine how Mary and Joseph must have felt!!!!

Today was church.....I would have stayed home if I weren't the pastor's wife.  My heart just felt heavy and I didn't feel like having to talk to anyone or be "on".   Wouldn't you know it, our music minister sang a song that just broke me.  "I Must Tell Jesus"..... this is a very old song, the writer has been dead almost 100 years but the truth still rings clear.  My trials that I bear right now is worrying about my children's health.  Selah and now Sarah's and Sam's new issues.  I'm sad but I know the One who can help me bear my sorrow and worry....

I must tell Jesus all of my trials;
I cannot bear these burdens alone;
In my distress He kindly will help me;
He ever loves and cares for His own.

I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus!
I cannot bear my burdens alone;
I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus!
Jesus can help me, Jesus alone.
I must tell Jesus all of my troubles;
He is a kind, compassionate friend;
If I but ask Him, He will deliver,
Make of my troubles quickly an end.

Tempted and tried, I need a great Savior;
One who can help my burdens to bear;
I must tell Jesus, I must tell Jesus;
He all my cares and sorrows will share.

O how the world to evil allures me!
O how my heart is tempted to sin!
I must tell Jesus, and He will help me    
Over the world the victory to win.

The writer Elisha Albright Hoffman explained how this song came to be....

There was a woman to whom God had permitted many visitations of sorrow and affliction. Coming to her home one day, I found her much discouraged. She unburdened her heart, concluding with the question, Brother Hoffman, what shall I do? I quoted from the word, then added, You cannot do better than to take all of your sorrows to Jesus. You must tell Jesus.

For a moment she seemed lost in meditation. Then her eyes lighted as she exclaimed, Yes, I must tell Jesus. As I left her home I had a vision of that joy-illuminated face…and I heard all along my pathway the echo, I must tell Jesus. I must tell Jesus

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