Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New House pictures

Last night was the annual Volunteer Banquet at the Prison.  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go since Steve had a class but luckily he got out a little early and I made it.  Being a little late, I missed somethings but got to hear the end of Jon's sermon/speech and see the  Volunteer of the Year get his plaque.  Jon gave all his volunteers certificates, including me!  LOL  I only make it in once a year or so but I did help serve the meal:) 

We went by the house today...TWO times LOL!  First with Steve, Sarah and Sam.  So much work has been done on it the last few days.  Then Shad wanted to go so he, our nurse and Selah went by, by that time the workers were gone for the day.

The pictures I took are going to be all wacky again so I can't see them.....hope you can!
Basically the house has a "T" shape


part of the roof will be put on next week!!!!!!   this is so exciting and fun to watch!

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