Monday, December 8, 2014

Random Pictures

Sarah looking like "Miss Beasley"
yes I had the doll!

 Brownie posing as a "dead" dog in her dog house!

Selah and Rose- doesn't Selah look beautiful?  Her and Rose match!

Selah and her two grandmothers
Lynn and Rose!

Haha!  Jon taking a pretend shower at the new house
We drove by Sunday- he hadn't been there for a couple of weeks and was pleasantly shocked!
In fact I did not notice on Saturday that our shower was built.
I'm so appreciative of our contractors, originally a small shower with a door was to be put in but I can not handle those!
I have a real phobia and a real reason...
on one of our early anniversaries, we stayed in a beautiful hotel right on the beach.
The shower was one with a door....
and while I was taking a shower, the water went from normal to boiling and I could not get out of there!!!!   I was so upset and can't stand those showers ever since!
So I'm so glad the guys were able to help me and my phobia out!!!!!
They built it with walls and a small opening, I'll just have to cut down a shower curtain to fit it which will be fine:)

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