Saturday, December 6, 2014

Work Day



Another work day at the house!  We were only there for a few hours but it was great to see the HH staff and meet all the volunteers who came by to work.  I did find out today our target date to move in is Mid March.  In the beginning the idea was floated that it would be done by Christmas or early January.  But I think just the size alone, will add extra time.  As anxious as we are to get moved in, it seems like things are going very fast.  Part of the roof will be delivered Tuesday and then the rest of it will come on the 22nd.   Once that happens, the windows and doors will be put in and the house can be locked up. 

Well tonight is a movie night for the Fam and I'm ready for a nice hot shower.  For some reason I just ache all over, there are days like this and then all the pain goes away.  It seems the more I take my walks, the less pain I have.  I've not been on schedule this week, which is a SHAME!  I can tell the difference.  Jon went out this afternoon walking, I should have made myself go with him, I'm sure I'd be feeling MUCH better if I had!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

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