Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Quick note!

As you can tell things are busy around here!  That along with too many annoying computer/satellite issues, when we move we will have the high speed Fios thank God!  I've lived in the country now for 10 years and even before then we only had dial up in our house which was out of the city limits.  We've never known the joy of real wifi  LOL SOON we will!

We went by the house today and the doors and some windows are going in.  the company sent the wrong size windows so we won't have them for a few more days but they'll all be in by sometime next week.  The siding is going up too:)  It has to fit up with the windows so it can't all be done until the rest of the windows are in but it looks great!

Here are some of the guys working hard.  the house was a beehive of activity today.  Some new volunteers were here so we met them and got a chance to know each other.  It's exciting:)
Well hope you all had a nice weekend and that this week is going good for you.  I have some longer blog posts coming but sometimes things have to roll around in my mind....

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