Saturday, January 10, 2015

Busy Week!

This has been a busy week for us.

Yesterday Jon had the day off and we all went by our new house.  We didn't realize that there would be a large group there but the folks from Wesley Chapel Toyota was working on the roof.  We got to meet and thank many of them and take some pictures.  They had a guy out with a drone taking pictures of the work.  It was a lot of fun.  We'd never seen a drone before so that was interesting. 

here is the drone
the back of the house, the roof is almost ready to be shingled.
The next two I borrowed from HH's site.  They are from earlier this week.  We are pictured with some of the RV workers.
this is an adorable picture of Shad watching the roof go on earlier this week.

We had a good family day yesterday just going out to eat and then running a few errands together.  I was thinking that days like that make up the patchwork of our lives.....
I found Sarah's bed set yesterday and bought it.  She will go from a crib to a twin bed when we move and I found a beautiful quilt for her bed, the main color being PINK of course!   Even is she doesn't see her room, it's going to be a lovely, warm room, with a soft quilt and blanket for her. 
We stopped at our doctor's office and dropped off all kinds of paperwork for the poor man to fill out!  Literally have SIX different requests for each girl and a couple for Sam. 
Today we (as in me, Steve and Shad went through Sam's & Sarah's two toy boxes ( as in Sam's toy boxes- her tends to take her stuff) and got out every toy that didn't work, put I new batteries or threw it away.  I usually do that before Christmas but didn't have time this year, so now it's done.  I was afraid I was going to go into a seizure due to all the toys going off at the same time as we tested them LOL.  
Besides reading the Harry Potter series (I'm on book 5) I picked up some books at a thrift store.  One of them was "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" by Capt Ted Lawson.  What a great book about General Doolittle's daring bombing of Tokyo a few months after Pearl Harbor.   One of my father-in -law's close friend was on the Naval ship that the bomber flew off of and he was the one who pulled the things that hold the plane down, off of one of the planes.  He had some amazing World War Two stories to tell us.  I love WWII history.    I'd encourage all adults and teens to read it.  Good history from a personal aspect.   IF I believed in reincarnation and I do NOT....I'd think I lived during WWII as interested in it as I am!
We have a NEW thing that Sarah is doing that is not as fun as most things she does....she CRIES now....   Since we got her home (almost 3 years ago) she has seldom cried, maybe ten times.  Well that is changing!  She cried once on our NY trip and we think it was because the hotel bed was so high that it scared her.  We ended up making her a pallet on the floor as she was too upset to lay on the bed, even with me holding her.  Now this past week she has cried twice at the end of a meal when one of us has been slow to give her dessert -she loves her sweets.  Today she cried because she'd gotten her hands dirty in the back of her diaper, no one is sure how it happened.  she was in the living room and she most have noticed she needed changing and put her hands in it!  I was changing her to put her in the bath and she had so much poop on her hands that I told Steve to hold her hands so she didn't get poop on her face/eye area.  Oh she did not like having her arms restrained!!!  She threw a fit so I hurried up and got her in the tub and then she was all happy.  
It was nice having an angel girl who never cried but this is good.  When she cries, she finds it hard to stop and I feel it is because she had to keep quiet for all those years plus no one came to her cries.  Now I rush to her ( I can't stand to see her upset) and she is learning her needs are met when she cries, something that babies learn....    I am just glad I can be the one to go to her and give her comfort.  This is natural and a part of her emotional learning.  It makes my heart sad for all the orphans who have no one to care for them.....
Well just remembered I have to order some food for a luncheon after church tomorrow.  Hope you all have a good weekend!!!!

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  1. Hi, there, just a thought, but you may want to reconsider putting Sara in a bed as soon as you move. We did that with our daughter who was also in an orphanage. We had her in a crib at age 3 1/2 and then moved and got her a big girl bed. The new house was such a huge transition and then the new bed on top of it just made everything worse. She started having huge sleep issues. If I had it to do over again, I would have waited until she was secure in the new house before moving her out of the security of her crib. Just my suggestion as something to think about since Sara may be sensitive to the move