Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Morning!

Whew today was "one of those days"  Jon didn't think to wake me up so our physical therapist woke me up at 9:30!  Luckily Selah was ready for her (thanks to our nurse) and I stumbled around getting the kids all up. I meant to get up early as I had so many things to do.  But I did get some things done!

We Rejoined the YMCA.  Our Y has  dropped its' enrollment fee through the end of the month.  I think most  Y's have done that too.  IF you join your YMCA and give them my name, then I can get a month FREE! Then you can tell your friends and if they join you'll get a month free.  We've tried a few gyms over the years but the Y is the best for us.  Looking forward to Yoga tomorrow morning!

I went by the new house this morning as I had a question about a couple of things.  It's so fun to go by!  The main roof is going on our house tomorrow!!!! I'm planning to go watch it as they put it on with cranes....NOW things will really speed up! When  I was out there today and really enjoyed talking with some of the RV volunteers (they are retired folks who spend their time building HH homes.-they know what they are doing unlike some of us LOL) I'm not one to believe so much in "positive or negative energy" BUT there is so much positive energy going into that house! It will be even a happier home because of the folks who are building it!!!

Well Steve has decided not to go back to college this semester.  He did fine last semester with all B's but he wants to work.  He's applied to the prison but that takes some time so in the meanwhile he has applied to Wal-mart and they've called him for an interview.  He is excited and is looking forward to working there if hired.  He is planning on keeping it even after he gets hired at the prison, just working maybe one day or so a week.  We've let him make his own decision on this but I'm glad he gave college a try and saw that he could do it.   When you have adult's different!  LOL  He is such a joy (most of the time) I just want to see him happy and fulfilled.  Since he was a kid, he's wanted to work in the prison.  I think he'll be happy doing it. 

We've never ever ever pushed any career on him or even on Shad.  I had so many friends in Bible college who were going into ministry because their parents expected it of the.  We swore we'd never do that to our kids and we haven't!  We go out of the way NOT to encourage them to go into ministry....if God calls them, let Him do it not us!   None of our friends who were "encouraged' to go into ministry still are in ministry.....   So if working as an officer is what he wants to do and is happy, we are happy for him.  The state still is a good place to work for the long run (retirement and benefits)  Prisons are soooooooooooo  different from what you see on TV!  My husband works behind the fence as a chaplain and has for 17 years, he's never had many issues.  Of course being an officer is different but Steve respects people and will treat the inmates as men.  As long as he does that, he will be fine.  Steve grew up living at a prison (we did for about 3 years) he's been allowed to go in the prison a few times and he's met plenty of ex-prisoners over the years.  He is looking forward to a career and in the meanwhile getting experience  working- he hopes he'll get hired as a loss prevention person at Walmart but I told him they probably want him for his muscles and skills unloading trucks LOL!

I'll have some cool pictures to post tomorrow!  Can't wait to see the roof go on!

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