Saturday, January 3, 2015


My husband has dubbed the last few days as our "staycation" rather than vacation!  He's had some time off, the weather's been great and we are just glad to be home together, especially when we see what the weather is doing in the Northeast!  Glad we were up when it was calm!

This morning I just sat with Sam on my lap for an hour, rubbing his back and watching tv.  Times like that are so sweet.  I do not take it for granted.  After he'd decided he'd had enough, I got a shower and went thrifting!  I had some stuff to drop off and I found some nice longer shorts for Sarah in both thrift stores I went to:)  Woo hoo!  Plus they were only 50 cents in one place and $1 in the other.  I like longer shorts for my girls.  I also found Shad a brand new pair of tan shorts for school...for $1!  They are a brand I'd buy in the mall and look brand new!  I love going out and spending $7 in two stores and coming home with 5 pairs of shorts and a skirt (for Selah) and a few books too.  Can't do that too often. 

So the guys went to see the last Hobbit movie or Lord of the Rings-whatever it is called.  I just can't get into those movies at all.  They enjoyed it but were sad since it is last of the series.  I sat it out as I do not like those movies. 

Recently for the first time I watched all of the Harry Potter movies & discovered I like them!  They seem to be the "Disney" or kid version of Lord of the Rings.  Much less violent and much more sweeter.  I got a "smack down" for saying I watched/liked the movies but I thought it was a good series about good vs evil, with good winning!  Years ago when they first came out, we did not watch them as we "heard" from others that the movies were evil.  We never researched it nor really cared one way or another. I happened to see some of one of the movies on tv when I was on bedrest with Sam but I didn't understand it since I did not watch all of it but it seemed ok.  Then I found the set on sale and bought it.  I figured if it was bad I'd just throw them away but found they were nothing like I'd been told they were.  I really enjoyed the movies and now am reading the book series. 

My son is a Hobbit fan to the max so over the years I've seen parts of the movies while I usually read because they didn't interest me.  After watching HP with the family, they all said that Hobbit/Lord of the Rings was like HP but more "adult".  So I decided to watch Hobbit/LOR and found I still did not like it!  It's more of a man/boy movie to me. 

What is interesting  to that in the Christian community we deem one movie good and one bad....  they both had wizards/witches   good and bad magic....  I could not tell a difference EXCEPT for HP was so much more innocent and much less violent....   I'll probably get in trouble for this blog but whatever.....

Then last night me and the boys went to see "Night at the Museum 3" which was Robin Williams last movie.  It was a ok movie.  I like going to the movies for the experience, something about a movie theater that I just LOVE.   We'd seen the other two so we had to see this one.

Today we got Chinese's not REALLY "fast food" since we could eat it in a restaurant  right?

Don't forget the 21 day no junk food challenge...
You can add yourself if you'd like:)

Yesterday Jon and I went walking to start off the challenge.....we took Sarah with us.  We went out in the woods on a nicely marked we got to one point, we got ATTACKED by mosquitoes.  We tried running and that didn't help.  We were smacking them off of Sarah as gently as possible and she got so upset and started crying!!  Luckily a hunter came by in his truck-very unusual- I stopped him and asked for a ride for me and Sarah.  He was able to load the stroller and Jon into the back of the truck.  We got safely back to our car and Sarah finally calmed down.  Poor girl!   I'm not one to jump in trucks with old men who have no shirts on but this was an emergency and we were about 20 minutes from our van.   Jon, at first, was a little shocked that I asked and jumped in but I've never had such a swarm of mosquitoes attacking me  and Sarah was so upset.   Hope your exercise plans go smoother than ours did yesterday!

Hope you are enjoying your first week of 2015!


  1. I love the Harry Potter books and I believe that they are actually Christian. I have also taken a beating from time to time for my opinion

  2. Tolkien was a Christian, but early on it was believed by many that Rowling was an atheist or Wiccan. It's not true, she is a member of the Church of Scotland. Because of her percieved atheism her books were declared evil. They are quite awesome, and the movies just don't do them justice, but are still good.