Sunday, January 4, 2015

Surprise 9th anniversay surprise at Grace church

Today was our 9th anniversary at our church.  To be honest, I'd thought about it a few weeks ago and then forgot with all that has been going on with us.  Our church folks didn't forget though!  We were completely surprised after the service ended and our music minister asked to share something....then each family of our church shared and I was bawling!  Sometimes in the busyness of ministry, you can't help but wonder if anyone cares....well we found out today that they do!

They did a great job in surprising us!  Several things could have alerted us but I was so busy this morning I didn't pick up on anything until each person started sharing.  It was so sweet and thoughtful!

These past nine years have been challenging and have caused us to grow.  Being a pastor is not easy-if anyone says it is, they are lying LOL!   Since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a pastor's wife.  When I married Jon, he was in ministry but not a traditional church.  He was the director of a homeless shelter.  We went from there to working for some years in a ministry called Teen Challenge in NYC.  Then he became a chaplain over 17 years ago.  When he was offered the chance to pastor this church, we thought we'd only be here a few years to "help out"  It wasn't like some big burning desire BUT God has caused it to become that to us.  It's funny.....we never saw ourselves pastoring in a rural church BUT we found that was just where we were supposed to be. 

Tonight I can help but think of all the things we have accomplished with the Lord's help and plenty of help from others.....  all three buildings on the campus are re modeled, we have a strong volunteer prison ministry in the church, we have a couple heavily involved in leadership of the Christian Motorcycle group,  we have a Spanish church meeting here weekly, we have no debt, our church giving to missions has tripled and we support adoptive and special needs families and orphan ministry.  We are a unique church, our folks are unique and have a lot of love for each other and for others, especially for the ones that no one else cares for.....

It's funny how God can put you in the right place.....

Nine years ago for the first Sunday here, Jon was alone with Sam and Steve.  I was in China picking up Shad!  That was probably a very unique start for a pastor and his family......Who knew then all that was ahead of us personally and with this church!  Glad we don't know the future but glad I know WHO does and that He walks with us through every trail!

Here's some pictures from today....including some pictures from our walk tonight!





Sorry the pictures are "off"  It must be our internet.  It was fine when we were away!!!!

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  1. That is the kind of church home I love. Where all are welcome and everyone looks out for each other. Congrats on nine years!