Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Shepherd's Crook Ministry

Sunday we were blessed to have The Shepherd's Crook Ministry and its founders Scott and Kathy Rosenow with us. TSC is a ministry that has been around for awhile and has a spotless reputation.  In 2006 they featured Shad, as a hard to place orphan.  I got to know them through his adoption and have appreciated them ever since.  Scott and Kathy live what they preach, having adopted 17 children from about 6 different nations.  All of their children were "hard to place" either because of a special need or being an older child. 

Here is their FB page

Here is Kathy's blog
Love this blog since it mentions us, my friend Angie and my friend Jan- They ministered at each of their churches this weekend and we are all contacted now for many years....

And this is their website

I urge you to consider giving to this wonderful ministry.  After hearing them speak, I am reminded again of the importance of adoption and the beauty of it!!!  They NOT only help children to get adopted but help the ones left behind.  I'm just blown away by their personal story and how God has led them thus far.

Kathy and Scott sharing


The kids singing

All of them wanted to meet Selah since they've prayed for her for so long


Jaden kept calling Shad "Papa"  Shad LOVED it!  He sat with him and talked with him all through lunch. 

We were honored to have them come and share about their lives with us.  These are the people I admire.  They make a real difference in the world and live what they talk about.  Again I encourage you to go to their sites and read about them.  Support The Shepherd's Crook if you can!!!!   Pray for them that God will open doors so they can help more children. 


On a personal front.....

The house is moving right along.  We are still waiting on the windows where ever they are in the world....hopefully they will come in tomorrow!  Today we went by to meet a group of new volunteers who are working on the house.  Sarah was a bit upset as they were cutting the siding and the noise drove her crazy.  Steve was carrying her around.  When Sarah gets nervous she pats us on our back, Steve said he probably has a bruise from being "patted" on the same spot for about 20 minutes! 

Well my research about redoing our new van turned up a lot of issues.  I finally got a clear answer that a Kia can NOT be made handicapped accessible.  So as I began to look at trading in the van for one that could be refitted I found out that it costs $15,000 to remodel a van.  We have looked at some handicapped accessible with the idea of trading the Kia in BUT the lowest price we found was about $20,000 for a 12 year old van.  I'm very disappointed.  The doctor and company had bought this van before discussing it with us as a wonderful surprise and we so appreciate it.  After I found out it was a Kia, I knew that we had been told that our Kia could not be refitted when we first brought Selah home.  Then we were told it might be possible with an older van but after all of that it's not.  We couldn't have afforded it anyhow.   Right now we are just going to wait for a few months to figure out the best thing to do.  We need to get moved into the house first and get all that paperwork and financing done before we look at trying to finance a van for Selah but it has got to happen.  She is getting too big and it's not safe for her or us to move her back and to and in and out of a wheelchair.  She needs a van that she can be loaded into while still in her wheelchair.  If you would please pray that this will work out for us and soon!!!!!


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