Friday, January 16, 2015

Crazy Week

What a crazy week....I think I say that a lot.....

Well Steve got the job and started training.  He's loving it. He set up a checking account today so he can have direct deposit and got a ATM card....LOOK OUT!

Monday was a hurry up and wait day for us.  I rushed around getting the kids ready for teachers and therapists and no one came.....

Tuesday Selah had a doctor's appointment.  We get her loaded in the van...and the van won't start....   So my nurse drove us.  On the way there we put Selah in the back seat and she was so stiff, it was awful.  We didn't bring her wheelchair because as we were trying to load it, it would not bend at all.  So when we got to St Joe's I went in and got a "regular" wheelchair.  Well by that point she was so tight and straight that all we could do was lay her in it and go up to the doctor's office.   Once we got there she had a "storm"...I was just about to have one with her by that point.  Luckily we were taken right back and could lay her down and give her her meds.  she calmed down.  The doctor's appointment was to see if she could have Botox injections in her legs to see if we could get her knees to bend again like they did before her hip operation last summer.  She is cleared to have it done, although the doctor is not sure it will help her.  What was so annoying is that his staff SHOULD have scheduled us for the Botox without this appointment as he had seen her and already ok'ed it before....  It made me feel good that he seemed annoyed with his staff. (It really made me feel good as just that morning I had called to confirm her appointment as I never got a call from their office.  It took me over 10 minutes for a receptionist to confirm the appointment)  So we talked to him about how we were going to take her home and he said we could put her in the front seat as it was more hazardous to her bones to have her in the backseat since it didn't recline.  She's so tall that her feet got stuck under the front seat on the way there.  On the way out of the office, I sat in the wheelchair and held her across me.  She is so long we had to be careful with her legs in the hallways.  The nurse pushed us out.  Our nurse said later she should have taken a picture, it looked like I was a new mom bringing home her new baby LOL   I don't know what people thought who saw us, but it worked.  She was much happier on the way home and more relaxed. 

Wednesday we thought we had the battery issue fixed, just thought someone had left the lights on....NOT~!  I went out to go to the Y and found it dead again.  Jon had to come home and jump it off, I picked up Shad from school early and then headed to a THREE hour wait in Walmart for a new battery to be put in...I was about to offer to do it myself when they finished!!!

Thursday Steve worked all day and Jon was involved with the prison's annual review.  He found out today that his portion with the chapel was in 100% compliance to all the state/federal regulations:)    That's a GREAT thing!!!!

Thursday night Steve spoke for a group of volunteers for Habitat for Humanity.  We all went with him and he did a great job.  The meeting was held at Wesley Chapel Toyota in one of their big conference rooms.   Steve did good and Shad helped hand out prizes, he loves to do that!


Here are some pictures from last Friday when Wesley Chapel Toyota folks worked on the house





Today the roof is on, including the shingles....WOOHOO!!!!  Doors and windows go in Tuesday!
Hope you all have a great weekend.  Jon's bringing home Chinese for us to celebrate his good score on his review:)

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