Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winning Wednesday!

Titles are hard to come up with some days!

Yesterday I started classes at the Y.  I did Yoga and an aerobics class yesterday and today. Today I also met with a personal trainer and found that my BMI (Body Mass Index) is not where it should be!  She also taught me how to use some of the machines I'm not familiar with so between classes I did 30 minutes on the bike.  I'm just really thankful I am still able to walk! 

The classes I take are the "Silver Sneakers" class for older adults....let me just tell you, those classes will kick your butt if you do them just like the teachers tell you to do!  Of course there are folks who can't and there is no pressure but the classes are fat burning!  I thought the classes would be boring and slow......NOT!

Tomorrow I have to miss classes as Sarah has a wheelchair appointment.  Our PT felt it is best to get her a wheelchair that will fit her, instead of continuing to use a stroller.  Sarah will probably never walk long distances.  She still is not consistent with her walking skills and doesn't have a huge desire to walk.  However with me gone yesterday....she scooted all the way down the hall looking for me.  That made me happy/sad....I always worry what she is thinking if she can't find me!

Yesterday the trusses went up on the house and Shad and I watched some of it.
(oh boy my pictures came out normal!)

Shad standing in front of the swamp across the road.  He was hot in his sweatshirt, quite a warm day yesterday.

I love swamps....




Well Steve got an email from the Department of Corrections and they are starting his background!  It had all the instructions and info.  He is really excited.  He also has a job interview tomorrow with Walmart for a part time job which is great because it will take a few months for all the paperwork to be processed.  He then has to wait his turn to get into a class, so it will be a while. 
This is a busy week for us!  This afternoon I made myself sit down and do paperwork.  So many different things to take care of for the kids.  We are putting Sarah and Selah on the Medi-wavier wait list and there is so much paperwork to do, I did get some done today so I feel a little lighter.  But I still have more to do.
Hope everyone is having a great week!  

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