Saturday, February 14, 2015

Catching up!

Catching up since Wednesday!  Sometimes I have to go back and read my last blog to remember what I wrote:)  I write a lot of blogs in my head so I sometimes forget the ones I do actually write out LOL!

Another thing I forgot.....Thursday I noticed (thanks to Steve) that my driver's license was expired.  I truly did not think it was expired, thought I'd gotten a new one and misplaced it somewhere and still had my old one.  So on Friday we were already planning on going to the DMV to get handicapped plaques for our vans for the kids so while we were there (forever of course!) I checked on my license....sure enough it was expired....since last year......YIKES!  Of course I didn't have all of my paperwork with me to get it renewed and had to go back today to renew it.  Of course, I forgot something and had to go home and get it ......  So we are now all LEGAL!   Sam and Sarah have their handicapped parking plaques!  YEAH!  There are times when I have to carry Sarah for miles it seems!   With Sam he will walk some and then "collapse" and want to be carried.  Once I can get him in a store, I can usually put him in a buggy.  When I have both of them, it's rough!   Sam used to have one, but it's such a hassle to get it renewed, that I let it lapse more than a year ago and just finally did the paperwork.  It's a big help with all of the little ones.  I still have to take Selah up, but we've arranged to do it right as they are closing so it won't be such a hassle.  She has to physically go and have a picture taken for her tag. 

Shad spoke for Habitat for Humanity today to a group of Cub Scouts.  We rushed there from the DMV office and walked in right when it was time for Shad to share.  He did a good job, even though I helped him with the speech I got teary eyed!  He also got to make a bird house:)


Tomorrow will be ONE full week on the Vegan diet!  Jon has done perfect.  The only thing I did was eat a Amy's vegetarian pizza that had a tiny bit of cheese on it.  Otherwise I've had  no other animal products.  I've shopped twice, once at our regular food store and once at a health food store.  It was hard at both places to find foods with no meat, dairy or oil!  This afternoon I did two vegetable dishes and made lemon oat bran cupcakes.  Sam has been eating some of the food with us, we let him try everything.  He is so funny, he really is the healthiest child, he loves loves beans of all most any kind.   One of the dishes I did today had eggplant and zucchini in it and he liked it!  I'll post the recipes later.  We've found a veggie burger that is really veggies and not alot of soy.  We really don't want to eat a ton of soy either.  We bought a hot air popcorn popper and use it almost daily for the "feel" of chips. 
I got the book "The China Study" that is the other side of plant based eating research.  It's a hugely famous book on nutrition and how what we eat affects rates of cancer and its growth.  Basically the idea is if a person eats a plant based diet, the body is able to protect itself against cancer.  This is based on several studies, the largest being done in China.  It is an interesting book and mentions Dr Esselstyn and his heart research.  Quite clearly the studies both show if we eat plant based foods, we will be healthier!  This is not a fad diet but a lifestyle. 
The hardest thing for me is no cheese and no oil, I LOVE Oil Olive!!!!
But I'm glad Jon is so into this change also.  It is helpful to have him wanting to do this just as much as I do.  Sometime in the next week I'll take pictures of some of our foods and give you some recipes!
It is challenging to do dinners for the kids.  For tomorrow I did chili in  my 3 crockpot set (they are all attached)   One chili is Taco Chili with low fat ground chicken.  One is regular chili with ground chicken and one is Vegetarian Taco Chili.  I'm also soaking a 15 bean soup and it will be ready to go in another crock pot in the morning. 
At least we can eat whole wheat bread as long as there is no oils in it:)  I've NEVER been one to think bread is bad, unless it is just white bread.  I actually found some pita wheat bread and wraps that have no oils in them and are 100% stone ground whole wheat.  They will be perfect with our food tomorrow. 
Jon and I took advantage of this wonderful weather and hiked 5 miles yesterday and 2 miles today.  My knee is better, still some pain but improving.  I took our kids' Physical Therapist advice and have been wearing shoes (not flip flops) even in the house.  I have a thing about shoes in the house but I bought a new pair of shoes just to wear inside to see if that would help and it seems to do so!
Our house is nearing completion!  The outside is finished.  The A/C, electric and plumbing is done.  Monday or Tuesday, the county comes to inspect it.  Once it passes, then the insulation and dry wall go in.  Then it's painted and the flooring and cabinets go in.....  Also next week, they are bringing in more dirt for the front yard.  The rains have turned it into a small pond!  It's really exciting:)
And I want to share more about Sarah's Covenant House in India
We just committed to sponsoring Charlotte!  So she is now fully funded

We are sponsoring her along with a few other people.  You can give whatever you can to help these sweet kids.  Brianna needs sponsors
As does Chloe
Then there is SELAH!
We had a hard time choosing between the girls, but I let the boys decide and they said Charlotte reminded them of Sarah so we had to sponsor her!  Although the boys reminded me of the last time we were 'just going to sponsor a little blind girl"  that would be Miss Sarah Joy who is sleeping on the couch right now!  LOL
Please consider sponsoring one of these little girls!  Your gift will make a difference in a little life.  SCH is able to take the children out of state ran orphanages and give them care in a home setting.   I'm so impressed by everything I know of this ministry!  What a great Valentine's gift that would make to really show LOVE to a child that needs You!
Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day and a great weekend!!!!



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