Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy 11th Bday Sam!

Can it be my little guy is 11 years old today???   We took him out to eat last weekend (before Jon and I went vegan LOL)  He got a few toys then and I gave him a few more this morning.  One funny one he got is a fart gun.  It makes a loud noise and lights up. 

Yep that is a fart gun:)
Easy way to get to the present!
Light up toys ROCK!
This is just so cute of him
Then Steve and I took Sam & Sarah out for lunch at Wendy's (no I did not eat) and then to Walmart.
 to get some bedding for the dog's house as it is going to get colder this week and she loves to claw it all out.


I just thought these pictures are funny looking.  Sam will walk around some but he hates that Sarah gets to sit in the buggy so then he wants in too. 
It's hard to get my mind around the fact that he is 11 years old.  He weighs just 51 pounds and is only 3 ft 9 inches.  he's wearing a size 6 but the clothes are big on him.  His little life made the difference in three other little lives.  If we hadn't had Sam, we would have never had the nerve to step out and adopt the other three children. 
Sam is such a unique child from his crazy DNA to his funny little ways.  He is greatly opinionated, even if he can't speak and has absolutely NO patience.  (I have no idea where he gets that from)  When we were at the geneticist, they took pictures of his face from different angles, and then of mine and Jon's too.  They kept commenting on how different features of Sam's are exactly like his dad's.  We say that all the time too.  We always say he got his looks & nose, from his dad and his attitude from his mom!   I want to be like Sam when I grow up, he doesn't suffer a fool at all!  LOL
Sam is such a joy to us.  We adore his funny little opinionated self.  We feel so blessed to have been chosen to be his parents.  Sam changed my life completely, there has been no bigger influencer on my life than that little boy.  He's  taken me places I never dreamed of, brought highs & lows to my life and given me a purpose in life. 
If you would have told me 20 years ago how wonderful it would be to be the mom of a special needs child, I would have never believed you.  Also if you told me 20 years ago, where I'd be at now, I'd probably ran screaming off a roof LOL  But I could not have comprehended how life with Sam has been. 
I don't know all of the secrets of the universe, but I do know that little lives like Sam's are so very precious.  Yes, it may change your life, change your priorities and change your bank account....but it is so worth it. 
I love my boy!  The thought of him just makes me smile. 
Thanks Sam for hanging through a difficult pregnancy, early birth, months in the hospital, so many medical issues and close calls , a life threatening seizure, years of wearing an apnea monitor,   over 50 eye surgeries  or procedures.  more hospitalizations than I can recall (over 35) and a near drowning.  You are so dear to our heart.  You've had many things to overcome, yet you did!  We love you more than life itself!  

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