Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Need a FAVOR!

I need a FAVOR! Are any of you guys headed to Gainesville GA from Tampa Bay BEFORE March 10th? I have about 20 boxes of Pedisure (45 pounds each) along with some other medical supplies to go to an orphanage in India!   I'd be willing to meet up with you with the boxes. They will be going to a staff member who lives in the US & who is traveling soon. This would be such a huge help!!!!! We get way more supplies for our kids than what we can use and some of the stuff have expiration dates so we want to give this to others & not let it go to waste

The boxes are heavy but packed tight and not too large.  If you could help out, I'd so appreciate it!

Oh my goodness...I am getting so behind on my blog!  However I am getting all my household projects done in preparation for our move!  and that move will be soon!  We are now BANNNED from the house until the "great reveal"  Steve and I are having withdrawals LOL.  We went by Monday and saw it for the last time in its unfinished state.....

Steve holding Sarah on the patio

Well we've had a mini crises around here, I had an electrical company  to come to install a new bathroom fan on Monday.  So my son mentioned an outlet that was "off".  Both of the boys said it had shocked them slightly.  So he started looking at it, and it had something old stuck in it and had burnt around it.  Then he started checking other outlets, found two more JUST in the living room that were terrible.  
This particular one had ash all in it, the wire was fused together and burned  It was put in as 15 amp but was on a 20 amp breaker which means it had no way of tripping the breaker   I was NOT happy!  If you've ever been in ministry you will know how people try to save money.  I don't have a problem with that, we did the church lawn for years to save money BUT you do not try and save money in a way that could injure a family!!!   The living room work was done in the 70's or 80's and it is a miracle the house had not caught on fire.  So the electrician guy has spent the week with us thus far.  So now he is checking each outlet, no room has been as bad as the living room except for my room.  Then he will be working on the church since part of it was built around that time.  I figure the guy who wired the house, probably wired the offices in the church.   We've unplugged everything from all the outlets that have not been checked.  This is the second time we've had to have some wiring replaced.   When we returned from Ukraine, we found that the electricity did not work in either of the kids' rooms.    That time the problem was in the attic, there were wires that had fused together and burnt out while we were gone.  We had the attic wiring replaced and I think the kids' rooms outlets but the rest of the wiring in the attic was ok.  The guy couldn't believe our house did not catch on fire while we were in Ukraine. 
So it's been a zoo around here, with our new family member (lol) and all our teachers, nurses  and therapists as well as me trying to get all kinds of projects done.  In spite of everything, I've gotten so much stuff done.  I think the reality of moving has set in!
Jon and I are doing great on our vegan diet.  I have to confess, every couple of days I have to have a tiny bit of oil and cheese.  I usually will eat a "Amy's vegetarian pizza" and that gets me through.  tonight I'm cooking a potato, onion and green pepper bake to go with our veggie burger.  It smells great!  Since Friday we have walked 19 miles:)   I have two big blisters after our 5 mile hike yesterday, I've never gotten a blister in all the years I've walked for exercise.  What's odd is I have a blister on both feet, in the same exact place, right on the pad of my foot under my big toe, TMI!   They came up yesterday, same walking shoes, nothing new, I don't' know what happened. 
Yesterday we took Sam to a new glaucoma doctor here in Florida.  Sam was wonderful for the exam but the doctor did not seem skilled enough to see the optic nerve.  That was our whole point in going to him.  He said the rest of the eye was fine and he could see everything clearly.  I don't think the doctor had ever dealt with a Boston Kpro/corneal implant before.  I was hovering over Sam afraid the doctor would touch his eye wrong.  We just need someone to "eyeball" his optic nerve to see if there is change.  Since Sam has the implant, his pressures aren't really able to be tested traditionally.  It's complicated and I'm not sure this doctor will be able to help us.  He was kind but seemed a bit overwhelmed with Sam. 
So that is a wrap of the last few days for us. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent Christians who were beheaded recently on a beach in Libya   It seems disrespectful to not have a whole blog in their honor.  I pray that God will be with their families. 
Lord, we remember their names because they dared to stand for Yours. #Egypt #21
Personally I have to struggle in my heart with hatred towards the men who took their lives.  But God loves those men in black as much as the men in orange.....I pray that those men in black will come to the saving knowledge of Christ. 
I also pray for the families of the three young students killed in NC.  Although their killer seems to not have targeted them for being Muslim, I am saddened by their deaths.  We have had a wonderful nurse who was Muslim and one of my kids' teachers is also.  When you begin to have a relationship with someone, it knocks down walls. 
We live in a sad cruel world. Let's keep our hearts loving and kind.  

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