Saturday, February 28, 2015

Plea for Ukraine!

Oh my I'm getting behind here!  I have a lot to share. 

First as you know Ukraine is never far from my heart or thoughts....There is a ministry helping people affected by the war.  As I read the updates, my heart is just broken for the people, yet at the same time, encouraged by the ones who are working tirelessly to help others.  Life 2 Orphans has partnered with this ministry to help the Ukrainians. 

Please read Life 2 Orphans appeal....



Dear Life2Orphans Volunteers, Donors, Sponsors and Other Caring Individuals:
You wi...ll see below some very sad and scary photos of what life is like for so many Ukrainians right now.
We are sending out a plea to help these children, their families, the orphans. A Dear Man named Sergey Kosyak has been in the midst of the war for some time helping the families to flee, providing them with food, clothing and other needed items to survive.
Driving them through the check points and risking his life with other volunteers to save the lives of the innocent. Death and destruction all around and yet there are some smiles with thanks for any help that is given.
We are asking you to match a kind donation of $1,000.00 and we will continue to raise funds and our goal is to raise many thousands of dollars to bring aid to the needy of Ukraine.

An Excerpt of a message from Sergey Kosyak:
Tragically, the militants are not so careful about where they do battle. They prefer to attack from towns and cities and villages, hiding behind the backs of peaceful civilians. And for the last six months, they seem content to continue shelling territories not under their control. As a result of their actions, there are thousands destroyed buildings and hundreds of civilian lives lost.
Today we evacuated about 100 people from Gorlovka. From now on, through Monday, all the seats on the evacuating bus are taken -- every day we transport 100 people. Sergey Saenko was able to rescue 50 people from Avdeyevka and he is planning to turn that number into 100 by Saturday.
Today, as we evacuated a few families from Gorlovka and Avdeyevka into our own refugee camps, Birchtree -1 and Birchtree-2, we had a heart-to-heart talk with folks from Avdeyevka. They said town had no power, no water, no food, by some miracle, there was still gas. The family had their home in the private sector of town, in the 12th house from the end of the block. The shelling destroyed houses 1 through 10, killing families in two houses, including the children. Three families survived, the rest lost some family members. Avdeyevka is a town, it's not a small village like Peskee or Tonenkoye. Now this town is a dead zone. Most of the buildings are either destroyed or severely damaged.

 Even the fact that the chemical plant, owned by Akhmetov, is located there didn't shield the town. Production is frozen indefinitely. People are hiding out in the basements of apartment buildings -- there is more space there than in private homes' cellars.
I would like to recognize the guys we had hired to transport the refugees: even though we motivate them with money, I believe that their true motivation is something other than pay since shelling and shooting is unpredictable and can happen at any time. Right before their arrival to the point of pick up, that location was under mortar attack and all fifty people were hiding out in the nearby apartment building foyer.
Please Donate –
Please feel free to donate towards a specific item of need (write on the check or the blank area on paypal)
Food Packs for Residents Left Behind
Food for (2) Hot Food Canteens (feeds people in the war area two times a day)
Delivering clothing, pharmaceuticals, diapers to Donbas Settlements
Evacuate local residents from areas being shelled - requires funding for fuel and, drivers (who do this at the risk of their lives)
All types of aid to orphanages

Sergey Kosyak is in charge of:
Two Bases for Forced Migrants from Donbass Area (Berezka #1 and Berezka #2
Washing Powder/Laundry Detergents
Sanitary Pads
Monthly Upkeep of each Base Cost: $7,143.00
(3) Meals per Day, Utility Costs, Baby Food, Assistance with Document Processing and Other Miscellaneous Expenses

Each of the Bases holds about 100 adults and children of various ages
One day of Evacuating from ATO (counter terrorism operation) zone cost - $607.00 to $714.00 per day
Please feel free to contact Megan at for any questions

For the first $1000 given, there is a matching gift, so if you give $10, the donor will match it to make $20.   Can we please help???   Personally I know many people who are associated with the evacuation and care for these refuges.  I know where the money is going and who it is going to.  The money raised will be used to help people in a bad situation.  Life 2 Orphans is a well known humanitarian organization in Ukraine and they have many contacts there.  They know of this organization that is working with refuges and know the good fruits of this ministry.  Let's be a part, let's give!  I'd love to raise at least $714 from my blog to pay for one day of evacuations!!!!!!!   Actually $200 has come in thus far so we only need $514!!!!!!   Thank you for your help!!!!!


We've had a busy week, several appointments plus the usual teachers and therapists.  Steve is busy working almost 40 hours a week so I'm all on my own with the kiddos and transportation- appointments etc.....  

Steve got the result of his Florida Law Enforcement test and he scored 95%!  We are so proud of him!  He still has some more steps to jump through but he has finished the second step of the process.  My guess is he'll be hired in April/May:)

Everyone is doing good around here.  No issues going on which is great!

Thursday night we were invited to an event featuring Dr. Ben Carson!  It was so exciting!  I had to go and get my nails done and bought a new jacket.  I was kidding around and said I even shaved my legs (well it's been a busy week!)  

He was an excellent speaker!  The ballroom was full and everyone was listening to him intently.  Yes he threw in some hints about a possible White House run in 2016.  I can assure you he'd probably get everyone's vote in that ballroom!  If you don't know who Ben Carson is.....he was a gifted neurosurgeon who came from a poor beginning.  He has a book and movie called "Gifted Hands"  He is now considering a run for the White House as a very conservative candidate.  We've always liked him and after hearing him, think he would be an excellent president. 

Here we are on the way...LOOK an empty van!!!!!!!
We were stuck in traffic on 275 in Tampa and not moving....

 Ok we didn't quite have front row seats.....

It was easier to watch on the screens


A picture with our friends the Fennel's.  
It was a fun night for us!  And if you are wondering, they had a vegetarian plate that Jon got!  Me?  I stuck with the regular chicken meal, it was so good!!!
We've been really good with our new vegan lifestyle , Jon better than me, but even I've only had meat 3 times in over two weeks.  It's not been convenient  but we've done pretty good.  Jon has only had eggs once so he's done really good.
Tomorrow one of my college friends, Christy and her new husband Billy Gaines will be ministering in song in our church.  We are looking forward to having them with us.  They have quite a story to share as they minister, just over a year ago, my friend lost her husband suddenly to a massive heart attack.  She has been an example of trusting God even through the hard times.  Now she is in a new season of her life and I can't wait to hear all they have to share!
Hope you all have a great weekend, it's cold, wet and cloudy here, I'm planning on snuggling up with my baby girl and reading a book.  Sarah is the easiest child, she loves to snuggle and doesn't mind my book as long as she is on my lap!

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