Sunday, February 1, 2015


Her foster mom Nikki writes:

"Don't miss it! My Selah is our SCH Courage Child of the Week, and she needs a sponsor! Could it be you? Selah is brand new and she is blowing me away with how she is thriving in our home! Click the blog to read more about her and see a video of her homecoming! Please help us spread the word by changing your facebook cover photo to this image and link to the blog to help us find her a sponsor! "


I'd LOVE for Selah (named after our Selah) to have a sponsor.  You can sponsor at any amount monthly.  She can have several sponsors to meet the need.   This would be a great thing to do, or to get your group involved with.    Maybe your Sunday School or small group class could sponsor her?


Well after my almost 6 miles hike yesterday my knees are killing me.  I had to sleep with a pillow under them and a heating pad on top of them.  They were hurting before the hike.  Sometimes they ache and it goes away.  I'm hoping for that!!!!   I just hurt all over all the time, most of the time I can deal with it.  I've been hurting for about six years now, sometimes it's worse than others.  I push through, I don't have a choice LOL  I don't remember NOT being in pain, it makes me feel old.  I rarely take advil or anything, don't like meds.  I've tried Oils, think they are a complete waste of money.  Usually the more I exercise, the less I hurt.  That is just not true today!  Hoping this goes away.

Don't think I've shared this but we are redoing all of our girls' shots.  When we brought Shad home, our doctor redid all the shots that was on his record because we just didn't know if they'd been done or been done correctly.  Well I wanted to redo the girls' but for some reason, maybe since they were older, he didn't want to redo them.  With all the recent talk of measles outbreaks and the lack of people vaccinating their kids...I took Sarah in on Friday to get some of the shots redone.  Based on her age, there were only some we could do.  I think she got three.  Our doctor was more concerned than he was almost three years ago when they came home.  Selah will be going soon to be revaccinated on a few shots also. 

(no there is nothing wrong with her feet, she lets them fall into that position at times but they aren't stuck there)

Isn't this the funniest and most mournful looking picture of Sarah waiting on the shots?  Jon was about to fall asleep.  We were there for some time as we had lots of paperwork for the three little ones, because their IEP, school planning meeting is coming up.

For the record if you don't know my stand on vaccinations.....
My family did not vaccinate, I do not know why.  I never heard it discussed.  But my guess is that they were just "afraid" of doctors.  I don't think it was a religious reason.  Who knows?  The only vaccine I received was for polio, otherwise I do not think I'd been allowed in school. 

I got every stupid sickness known to childhood!!!!!!   I truly almost died of the whooping cough over the summer before my kindergarten year of school.

I have five kids, they get every known vaccine including the flu shot yearly.  No reactions, no problems.  They are healthy, rarely sick, even my special needs kids. 

If you hear crazy statistics, realize it for what it is....a crazy statistic.  Measles still kill  "measles fell 60% from an estimated 873,000 deaths in 1999 to 345,000 in 2005.[34] Estimates for 2008 indicate deaths fell further to 164,000 globally,"  So in 2008 there were 164,000 preventable deaths in the world because of measles!!!!!   Most of them are in developing countries where the children can not get good medical care such as hospitalization and IV's but still some of those deaths did occur in developed nations.

Personally after living through what I did, I would never not vaccinate my children!  People who make the choice to not vaccinate, really do not understand what these disease can do to a child or an adult.  I know a lot of folks who don't vaccinate or who under-vaccinate and they've been safe....thus far.  But as more and more parents quit vaccinating, I believe these diseases will come back and will begin killing more and more kids.  I always want to invite people to take a walk in my family graveyard dating back to the early 1800's.  There are so many children's graves...up until the 60's and 70's, then there are very few....wonder why???????  Because of vaccines and better medical health care that's why!

The strange thing about my family, they didn't vaccinate me, but they'd tell stories of epidemics of various diseases hitting town and killing kids.  Isn't that odd?  It's like they understood the danger, but didn't protect me!   I will never understand that!

In fact, I'm planning on asking my doctor what vaccinations I should have.  I realize even with a vaccination, there is a chance a person could get sick.  I do not want to take any chances with my kids should I get sick with something and then possibly pass it on to them.

So I just encourage you if you have children, do what your doctor say.  I totally trust my doctor (who happens to have five kids also) and if he feels something is good enough for his kids that he adores, then I think it's ok for mine!  When Sam was little and so sickly, I did worry giving him his vaccines, but we did it, and he had no issues nor has he had any of those dreadful diseases!

Not only do diseases cause death, they can also cause blindness, deafness, mental retardation and  even loss of limbs due to complications.  In fact one of the nurses over my daughter's nursing care used to work at a Shiner's hospital and she's had many patients who lost limbs to chicken pox that became infected!  Don't forget even if your child escapes these disease as a child IF they get them as an adult they are almost always so much worse!  When mumps develops in a boy after puberty or an adult man, it sometimes causes testicular inflammation that can affect sperm production and lead to  Sterility!  How sad!   And don't forget the kids who actually can't be vaccinated due to cancer or other REAL issues or the ones too young.  When we don't vaccinate, it increases their chances of coming down with something. 

Well that's my thoughts for today!  I'm seeing a lot about this on the news and on Facebook.  Most of what I see on FB is silly statistics that mean nothing.  Be careful who/what you follow-there is a lot riding on this! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!  And hope the coming week is good.


  1. Have you ever gotten tested for celiac disease? I had alot of your same symptoms before I was diagnosed with celiac. Just a thought.....

  2. As an RN I believe in using modern science as a gift from God. But I also find it funny that most of my medical friends also believe in home remedies an other methods. If you see a naturopath or osteopath they can talk non-invasive approaches to try. I had aching so bad in my joints I thought I had a chronic arthritic condition for years. When I when on a low carb diet my aching went away, when ever I ate potatoes the aching came back, even fries. My nutritionist friends all agree food allergies can mess your system up and make you feel "old". Of course you could have something out of whack too but worth working on getting rid of the pain!

  3. Have you ever had titer tests done on the kids? If you have not, I would highly suggest getting those done before revaccinating :)