Thursday, March 5, 2015

Death Penalty Revisited

If you know me, or if you read my blog, you will know I'm a pretty "Black or White person".  There's not a big gray area in my opinions.  That may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on whether or not we agree LOL

As you know I worked for years as a probation officer (with offenders up to 21 year of age), My husband started out years ago as a sheriff's officer and has now been a chaplain for over 17 years.  I have relatives and friends who work within the criminal justice system, only one of them was a public defender, everyone else is on "the other side"  My own son is headed towards working in law enforcement, so I know the realities of the "system"

Over the years, I've always been very FOR the death penalty.  I know criminals and I know many will not change.  For the most part, I've never been afraid that an innocent person would be put to death in today's world.  I've always believed in humane treatment of inmates, feeling once a person is in prison THAT is their punishment, the prison system and workers should not be allowed to "punish" them anymore than that.  However I've never had an issue with a person's sentence whether it was life in prison, death or how ever many years a judge might sentence the person. 

After careful thought, I've come to the decision that I do not support the death penalty anymore.  Since I'm pro-life when it comes to abortion, or euthanizing the handicapped/terminally ill, I should be pro life across the board.

That is not to say I do not feel a person can't defend themselves.  For the record, IF you come in my home and threaten me or my family, you will be pushing up daisies....Just saying....I live in Florida!  I also feel law enforcement has the right to protect the public and themselves.  I still believe in war in defense of our country or in defense of another country.   I haven't gone all the way over to "THE OTHER SIDE"  as a few of my friends think that I have LOL

By the way, I think it is extremely interesting that the verdict came down from the Department of Justice stating that Officer Wilson ( think Ferguson Mo shooting) saying "Federal officials concluded there was no evidence to disprove former officer Darren Wilson’s testimony that he feared for his safety, nor was there reliable evidence that Michael Brown had his hands up when he was shot"    Amazing how quiet the media storm has been over would be laughable IF a good officer had not had his life wreaked and a community had not had so many business destroyed.  I must have missed the president's comments on this verdict.......

So in cases of self defense, I have no issue with someone protecting his or herself.  I used to say, that I could kill someone who threatened me or my family and have no issue with sleeping at night.  I think over the years, I have learned to respect LIFE more.  However I still would defend myself or my family, but after it was over, the seriousness of taking another human's life, would probably haunt me.  However it would not stop me from defending my life or my family's life if need be. 

Life is sacred. taking a life should be reserved for ONLY the protection of another's life. 

Reform Prison.  Inmates work, Florida Inmates work but there is so much more they could do.  Florida has several innovated ways criminals help out the community, one that is being started is inmates train service dogs.  I think the program is up and running in some areas.  There are many things inmates could do, even lifers, could work on behind the fence. 

My plan would be to commute death sentences to "life without the possibibly of parole"  I'm not sure that the data is there to prove that the death penalty actually causes criminals to reconsider their crimes and be less violent.  I think statistics, are too easy to misconstrue. 

Anyhow that is my rant for the day!!  I'm sure some friends will blast me on this one!!!  


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  1. I go back and forth in this issue but ultimately, I believe the victim or the victim's family have the final say on what is s just punishment for the crime committed against them. I think we've changed the rules - originally the death penalty was the punishment for the crime - it was never meant as a deterrent.

  2. When I saw your post title I immediately thought it must be about this woman:
    If you want an example of someone who is repentant of the crime she committed and has found and witnessed to a life of faith in Jesus Christ while incarcerated, Kelly has! I'm a United Methodist minister in NC and an adoptive parent :)