Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Living in Florida

Jon and I signed up for testing with a company called LifeLine Testing for various stroke/heart attack issues.  We had about 7 tests done, most we haven't gotten the results of but we did get our cholesterol back.  Mine is down from 202 to 168!  Jon's is down from 210 to 178~! Our triglycerides are still too high & both of us are too low on the "good cholesterol by a few points.  But all in all we are already seeing an improvement despite our lack of vegetarian  eating the past week or so.  Both of us were perfect on our fasting sugar level- mine was 86 and Jon's was 91.  We are committed to being healthier!

Since the appointments took far longer than expected, Jon didn't go into work today.  We had a late lunch and did a few errands.   Then we went walking out in the  Withlacoochee Park late this afternoon. 

Above the tree line on the tower


Observation Tower



I LOVE living in Florida, even with the bugs, humidity and heat.  When I'm out in the woods and can smell the swamp (LOL it doesn't stink to me) I'm happy!   I can feel myself relax and breath in deeply.  Of course I might not breathe too deep or a bug might come in LOL!
We have lived here for almost 10 years and we've just discovered this hidden park that backs up to one of the reserves we hike in often.  It's like we are in shock that this place exists!  The Withlacoochee River Basin is large.  It is from the middle of the state almost to the coast.  We didn't realize how close it actually comes to our house on the east side.  Jon is over the moon at finding a new area to explore!
This, these pictures are the Florida I know and love.  Theme parks and the big cities are ok, but this is what I love about Florida PLUS the beaches!  It really doesn't get any better than this.
Well a friend brought me more boxes and lots of  bubble wrap.  I guess I really need to get to work on doing the breakables. 
Hope you are having a good start to your week!

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