Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lots of News

Well of course life stays interesting around here!

Thursday Jon came home from work so very sick.  I noticed he pulled in early and I went outside to meet him and was shocked at how he looked.  He was fine all day then within minutes got a chill and nausea.  By the time he drove home, he could hardly walk in, he was leaning to one side.  I got him to bed because of course he resisted going to the ER, what man doesn't?  After throwing up a few times and feeling no better he let me take him.  To backtrack, the night before we saw one of our favorite companies had had a recall on some products because they had Listeria ( a serious bacteria) in them.  I only saw one item on the list that we'd bought some of, but they were already eaten.  Jon did have a couple of the other products in the last week or so and I told him not to eat anything else.  Well when we got to the ER I told the doctor about what all he'd eaten and the fact no one at home or work was sick and they tested him for Listeria and put him on meds.  We won't get the results till next week but since there is a possibility that it is Listeria, they thought it was safer to deal with the sickness as if that is what it is.  Today he is back to normal and outside with the kids.  I'm glad he's better, I don't think I've ever seen him so violently ill but one other time in 25 years of marriage!

BTW, I CLEANED the whole house with Clorox.  I'm the Nazi germ killer!  Somebody throws up in MY house and I'm squirting Clorox in every conceivable place!  I'd swore that I was not cleaning this house again ( we are taking up the carpets and painting after we leave) but nothing like someone throwing up to get me to cleaning! 

In other news, we are still waiting on the house.  I think all the indoor things are done, but the septic system could not be done this week because of the rain.  We are hoping it is done on Monday!  Our old house is pretty much packed up.  I've even gone through 3 of our 4 sheds, mostly throwing away old junk.  We are at the point now, that I've had to buy a few small things that I'd packed up LOL!  I'm still cooking with one pot, one skillet and a few other pieces LOL. 

The BIG news is......  our oldest son is going back to college next semester.  He wants to transfer his credits from the community college and put off going to work at the prison.  He is going to go to our Alma Mater, Southeastern College now University.  He/we have gone back and to on this and we've let him make his decisions.  The only reason Jon and I have been hesitant about him going to SEU is the COST!  It is a private school and even with grants/scholarships he will owe quite a bit every semester whether he lives on campus or commutes (45 minutes from home)  We'd like for him to have the experience of living on campus so we are all going to "bit the bullet" and just commit to him doing that!   The three of us have talked this to death over the past year and Steve has always had the last vote.  We've looked at pros and cons of everything and all we can do is hope the right decision will be made.  We are very excited for him -just worried about the $$$!  But things always work out one way or another......

The whole "money" thing is something that is staring me in the face right now and feels a bit overwhelming.  We have lived in our church's parsonage in lieu of a salary for almost 10 years and soon we are going to be getting used to paying a mortgage.  Plus all the things we need for the new house.....  Now college in a few months..... YIKES! 

I've always said to others how faithful God has been to us financially and we've done our best to make wise, prudent decisions so I'm just going to trust that God will provide for us and give us the wisdom to continue making wise decisions. 

We HATE to be in debt.  We paid off all our bills (except for my student loan) when Sam was born and I had to quit work.  So we've been basically debt free for years except some medical expenses .  We didn't want Steve to start life in any debt and we still don't so we are praying about how this will all work out.

I don't mean to be biased, but Steve has been and is the best boy in the world LOL  MOST of the time!  We've never had any real issue with him and we've remained close through the teen years and now into his early adulthood.  In many ways, it's been like our family has had THREE adults in it for a long time.  So we want him to have the absolute best life possible.  We are looking at every aspect to figure out how he can go to college and not get into debt.  He is working but we don't want him to work too much once he starts school back.  Some kids can work crazy hours (like I did) and it doesn't affect their school, Steve needs more time to study and work on things.  He is a more detailed person.  Jon is the same way, he worked summers and went to college without working during the school year.  But I know we'll figure out things, with God's help. 

So we are going next week to reactivate his application there.  He was basically accepted but then chose to go to the lower cost community college last fall.  At least he has a semester under his belt and has some credits to transfer.  Of course we can't find any of his codes to go into either college system and transfer his credits (do the paperwork for the transfer)  but he is going to go do that on Monday. 

Well we are looking forward to a quiet weekend I hope!  Hope you all have a great weekend. 

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