Saturday, March 7, 2015


If you were a Christian in the 80's or 90's you might just remember a Michal W Smith song called "Friends are Friends Forever"  We sang it and cried every time someone moved on, or at the end of every college semester LOL.  Well today surrounded by boxes the first few lines kept going through my head
"Packing up the dreams God planted
In the fertile soil of you
I can't believe the hopes He's granted
Means a chapter of your life is through"
entire song here
I'm feeling so nostalgic!  We've lived almost a decade in our home.  It's the only home Sam and Shad remember.  All of Steve's pre-teen years and teen years have been lived in this house.  This is the home we brought our Sarah and Selah home to.   We've laughed here, dreamed here, and cried here.  This house has seen a lot of living.  It's been small, but it's been home.  We've had a lot of good times in this house.  We have cats buried all over the back yard LOL along with a bird or two.  We've got memories of holidays here, birthday parties and special days.  We've planted trees, and honeysuckle and jasmine vines all around.  We have a garden.  We've spent days outside, with slip & slides and baby pools, swing sets and tire swings.  I remember the very spot I was when I first saw Sarah's picture and when I asked Jon the big question...."Can't we adopt her?"   This is where I first saw Selah's picture too, our little Ukrainian surprise.  At the age of 47 I got to plan a nursery:)  Not too many people can say that!   There's been a lot of living here.....
It's hard for me to change even when it is a VERY good change.  I'm sure that sounds silly but it's just me. 
The only heartache I've really had to bear in these past ten years here, is dealing with the aftereffects of Selah's accident.  Otherwise it's been a beautiful, somewhat hectic life here.  Oh we've had issues here and there but nothing major, nothing that mattered a few months later. 
So today we've worked out butts off packing.  We put an old dresser and two old bookcases that are older than Steve, bought from Walmart for $19 to the curb.  Steve and Shad have kept their things in Jon's office at the church for the past two years so we packed some of their things and separated them since they'll each have their own room in the new house.  They've been forced by circumstances to be close these past two years and it's been great to see.  I hope the move and the extra room won't be a reason to drift away from each other. 
 I got the living room and all our photo albums packed.  I only allowed myself to look at a few, love seeing my babies' pictures.  They were so little....  We still have a long way to go.  It's not that we have so much stuff but there are 7 of us!  Plus it's hard to pack and still have room to move.  We already have the church nursery packed to the ceiling with various medical supplies! 
As I said there is a long way to go.  For some reason, even though I've packed the laundry room up since that's where I stored all my "coupon deals" it doesn't seemed like it's been touched. 
We don't have a 'move in" date yet but it is very near and I have to have things done ahead of time or I'll be so stressed out.  I've had some great moves that were very organized and some that were awful so I'd much rather be organized!!! 
Confession time.....we got take out from Sonny's BBQ tonight and it was NOT vegan!  Even Jon went with some chicken!  But we've been good, I just could not cook anything tonight! 
The other day I had the oddest experience.  I was coming in to our yard, and as I turned to close the fence, I felt as if I was turning a corner in my life, that everything was shifting and changing.  It was just a profound moment in time.....   I don't really know what to think of it but it hit me in the gut.  I think with us moving, Steve being in the process of being hired at the Department, Shad being close to the teen years.....there is just a lot of change.  Change is hard for me.  More than once I've wished I could just stop time!
When I was in Junior High chorus, we used to sing a lot of 1970's songs.  One we sang went like this "If the hands of time, were hands that I could hold, I'd keep them warm and in my hands they'd not turn cold"  Then the song went on to talk about various events in the singer's life that she wished she could hold on to.  Boy can I relate to that song NOW!  As a teen, I was so ready to grow up and wanted time to go faster I thought that song was STUPID, now I want to slow time down....I treasure the time I have with my family.  Even now Steve has been gone a lot with college and work, it's not like it used to be on the weekends when we'd all go out to eat and go see a movie or bring one home.  He's rarely home.  While I'm happy for him to have his own life, it's sad for us!  I know all you moms in or near the 'empty nest" know what I mean!   He was actually with us all day and evening yesterday and we went and did some things and went out to eat.  It was great!
Anyhow I had a lot of thinking time today as I was packing.....  I'm still excited about moving but I have to have my moment of mourning too LOL

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  1. Congratulations on coming closer to your new home. Praying you enjoy every last minute in your old one as well. As much as we think we would never get attached to things, it's not the stuff it's the memories they evoke that grab our hearts! We have been 14 years in our house and there is one wall that every time I pass it I think "This is why I could never move out of this house". It is the wall I have marked every child's height for the past 14 years. I used to mark in light pencil but then I thought "It's my house!" and started to use permanent markers so fingers didn't smudge them. Praying for your next journey to be as joy filled as the last.