Monday, March 23, 2015

Put A Fork In Me I'm Done Part Two!

Oh yeah......

Well we took Selah to her doctor's appointment today.  He took another xray and then did a Cat scan.  She will have to have another hip surgery.  Let me see if I can explain the two issues we have going on....

First most kids like Selah "pull in" their limbs, Selah extends her's out. That is odd. We were told that when she was first in the hospital.  So when a child does that, it makes them straight like a board. 

Second, due to the years neglect and of her lying in a crib, she never developed correctly.  At the stage of crawling, a child works its hip/sockets and they begin to fit in to each other.  She didn't have that stage.  She went from being in a crib to being stood up and taught to walk.  She didn't walk well nor did she bend her knees.  All that comes into play now.  Because of that lack of normal skeleton development, she doesn't have the correct hip/socket alignment. 

So our doctor did not do the first surgery aggressively enough.  Obviously he wanted to help her, without hurting her or over doing things.  I appreciate that but now he is going to have to go back and do some more surgery, one thing he is going to do is an abductor release. .  We have a date set for May 5th, which is ironically the THREE year anniversary of the day we left the orphanage with them for good.  It's also two years since I had to take Sam to NY to have most of his left eye taken out.  When I noticed the date, I choked up for a minute but I'm just going to think that it is a positive thing.  Leaving the orphanage was GREAT and Sam was much happier with the eye out (no more pain)  So I'm thinking that this will be a good day for Selah and solve her problem once and for all!!!!

So I'm tired after a very long day at St Joseph's!  Selah was a trooper and did great. 

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Pray for wisdom for Dr D.  He may have our other doctor to come in and do her Botex shots at the same time, he is really researching the best way to do all of this.

And if you are wondering WHY we are so aggressive in her treatment knowing she will never walk....let me answer that.  For a child like Selah, one of the most important things is to be able to keep her mobile.  Even if that mobility is being able to be moved into different positions.   It keeps her from bed sores, broken bones and scoliosis.  I've seen kids in orphanages bent like the letter C from scoliosis.  The more that Selah can be up in her stander (where she is strapped on a board and stood upright) and up in her wheelchair, the better for her.  So we do all of this for the quality of life! 

She is not in severe pain and we are able to move her, just have to watch her for any signs of pain.  The pin is still in her hip, but not in the right place. 


The little kitten I was taking care of took a turn for the worst and died.  Although the boil on his neck was healing up nicely, it probably was a tumor that extended inside.  I found him gasping for air one morning and he died within minutes.  We buried him on top of Brownie's grave.  She was a huge dog that loved her cat friends.  I can't tell you the times I called her to see her head come out of her doghouse, along with a cat or two's head:)  There will never be another dog like her. 

The other four kittens are doing good.  Their eyes are opened and they are loving us playing with them.  I will sit on the ground and rub a kitten's belly and one of the other ones will butt his head into my hand to be rubbed.  They are won't be two weeks old until Wednesday.  I can't believe how loving they are already.  I've not had baby kittens in my house before that were this young.   The Mama Cat has been so good.  She grieved when the little one died and was taken away from her.  I felt bad for her. 


Another good thing, Sarah has been putting weight back on her left foot.  We don't know what caused her not to be able to do it but now she is back to normal. 


We did have a GREAT time at the Habitat for Humanity's annual fund raiser held at the Lowery Park Zoo last Saturday night.  Shad and Steve were the featured speakers and there were hundreds if not a thousand there:)  They did great.  Steve really just introduced Shad and then he ended it for Shad.  They got a standing ovation and I was bawling.  I'm so proud of my boys!





The Zoo was having Zoomations a lights festival.  It was pretty but Shad just wanted to see the animals.
We have a plan for our summer vacation.  It's going to be a "staycation"   In the past it's been hard to go places just for Shad and Steve because of our little ones.  Now that we have found the world's best babysitter, we are going to do a few days of activities with them that the little ones can't and don't want to do.  One thing Shad wants to do is to go back to the Zoo.  We also want to go to the beach without having to take the little ones.  It's hard to play with Shad and watch the little ones at the same time.   We might take him to a water park too.  We've always felt that Shad missed out on some things Steve was able to do but now with someone we trust who can watch the little ones, we can give Shad a little more attention just for him:)  
Sam and Sarah prefer to be home in their normal routine and they love our new sitter also.  A Sam Funny.....Saturday night he was sitting with her on the couch and she asked him if he wanted to go play with his toys and he said NO quite plainly!  He might have a crush on her- she's a pretty girl! 
Here's a picture of Shad and some of his friends singing a special in church Sunday.  They were cute and quite good.  they learned the song after very little practice!
And we are just waiting on the house, it is soooo close to being done.  We are still looking at moving in the next week or so.  The house is a mess - we have boxes everywhere!   The majority of things are packed.  We NEED to move soon LOL
So it's been a busy week.  Lots of different things going on, some good and some not so good but we keep going on:)

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