Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Put a fork in me I'm DONE!

You can NOT make up these type of days......

I don't even know where to start..... Our dear sweet Brownie was put to sleep today.  It was confirmed she had untreatable cancer.  Jon took her and brought her home for us to bury.  He was with her loving on her till the end.  We had a graveside funeral for her.  Jon said a prayer and thanked God for whoever decided to put her in our fence that cold night eight years ago.  He said something like "someone didn't want her but Lord we sure did"  She was a faithful friend and it is so odd not to have her in the yard.  I realize how much a part of our family she has been.  We buried her in the church cemetery, under a tree.  Steve shoveled her site.  It was a beautiful spot where she used to walk with Jon.  We buried her with one of her balls.  It was emotional to say the least.  If any dog will be in heaven, I have no doubt it will be Brownie!  I really can't believe she is gone.

I love these pictures that my friend took last May!
Pictures from our funeral...

Vermont kept going up to Brownie, they were good friends.  Brownie was a friend to any animal unless it was another dog trying to live with her LOL  She was a bit jealous!

Then as soon as we could finish we took Selah and Sarah to the local ER for xrays.  Sarah has not put weight on her left foot since Monday.  Selah has seemed to have some pain off and on for a couple of weeks.  We were there for hours, but at least we were near home and didn't have to drive to Tampa.  Sarah seemed to just have a slight sprain but Selah.....  is seems her hip has dislocated again despite the pins that were put in last July.  I talked to her specialist over the phone and we will go in for a 3-D scan in the next few days.  She is not in a lot of pain, only if she is on the stander or in PT so all that is stopped for now.  Otherwise she doesn't get her frowny face or tears. 

This is a sweet picture....

Jon on one side with Sarah and Rose on the other side with Selah....
Once we all get home, Steve ran out for some supper for us.  He had driven into a restaurant parking lot and had called Jon to see what he wanted.  I heard Jon say "who is screaming?"  I could tell Steve wasn't answering him so I grabbed the phone and screamed for Steve!  He said it looked like a man was kidnapping a women.  I told him to call 911.  He did and he also got a partial photo of the license plate of the car.  Steve tried to hem the car in but the guy sped off over the grass.  Steve waited there until the cops came and he gave them the info.  One officer seemed to know who it might be, it might be a domestic violence situation.  Anyhow Steve was pretty shook up! 
What a day!  On top of that one of the white kittens had a boil, cyst, or something on his neck, it seems the mama cat busted it and has been cleaning it up.  The kitten is eating fine and is quite round.  We hope it is nothing serious.  The kittens' eyes are opening and they all round and nurse vigorously .  Sometimes Gladys their mama looks at me like "how do it you it with 5 kids???"  LOL I feel her pain!!!!!!
Well I have had more than my share of life's drama today. 


  1. I'm so sorry about Brownie. It is so hard to say good-bye to our furry family members. I hope your memories of her will bring you comfort.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved fur-baby, Brownie. It is never easy to loose a loved one especially our furry friends. I am so glad that she found you eight years ago and you provided her all the love and support she needed. You can tell she was loved very much. May she Run Free at the Rainbow Bridge with all our other fur-babies. Maybe this explains why the Northern Lights were so bright last night. They were welcoming another fur-angel into their Kingdom. Sherri

  3. So sorry you had such a stressful day. I am very, very sorry about your sweet dog! I don't think there is anything sadder in the world than losing a wonderful dog. It's because they are so sweet and perfect. :(

  4. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dog. I lost my cat a year and a half ago and have not yet gotten a new cat. The loss of a pet is so sad. She must have been a source of a lot of happiness for you.