Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Clanton 5

We had quite a surprise on Wednesday.  Our cat Gladys had kittens....FIVE kittens!  She got "dropped off" around Thanksgiving time, and I just hadn't taken the time to go get her spayed.  I was a little shocked when I noticed she was pregnant since we mostly keep her inside but I guess the "mostly" part is what got her in trouble!  She was a small young cat so we thought she'd have just a few, nope she had FIVE~!

Of course she had them behind the water heater in the laundry room.  So Steve had to go pick up Shad from school since he was the smallest one of us who could climb back there and get them.  He was glad to do it.  The school secretary asked WHY Shad was being picked up so early ( 9:30 am) AND Steve told her the truth!  Oh geez!  The one time I wanted my son to lie!!!!  All I can say is thank goodness that Shad is a year ahead in his work! 

So Shad comes home and walks into the laundry room and calls for me to tell the cat had pooped...but she hadn't, she had the last kitten on the floor. That little one almost didn't make it.  I literally sat for 3 hours holding it in my gloved hand right up on the mama.  I think Gladys was a little overwhelmed at that point so I rubbed it dry and keep stimulating it so it wouldn't sleep too much.  Finally it began nursing but was very sluggish all that day.   It's fine now, all five of them are doing great and Gladys is being a good mama cat.  That experience reminded me of my pig farming days, there was always a runt for me to take care of.....until it grew and ended up butchered!

We did get a click out of the fact that there was five kittens, one for each kid!
We had another animal experience this week.  About a month ago a spot came up on our dog's stomach.  Over the years she has had spots because she'd lick too much.  I got a spray for it and it got a lot better.  This week, all of a sudden it was a lot worse and bleeding.  And there seemed to be a big lump on Brownie's flank.  I could NOT face the vet and the possible outcome. 
I actually planned an escape with a friend and left Jon to take her.  I told him not to call me to make a decision, I just couldn't handle it.  Well the wellness clinic we go to couldn't do a biopsy.  Luckily she hadn't lost any weight even though the last few days she didn't seem to be eating.  Now Jon will take her to another vet next week, for now she has been stable and is back to eating.  We did buy her some canned dogfood and now anytime I go outside, she gets up just in case I have food LOL
I took this picture when I said goodbye to her.  She was under my window, faithfully guarding it. You can see the spot on her.  If it is cancer, we will put her to sleep, we don't want to see her suffer and can't afford cancer treatment for her.  She is 15 or 16 years old at this point, we've had her for over 8 years and she was an old girl then!  We are so glad she is eating and really seeming to enjoy food right now. 
We are continuing to pack the house up.  Yes I've already packed up some things we need but I did not unpack them LOL!
Well we have a busy weekend.  One of my best friends' son is getting married.  He happens to be Steve's best friend and Steve is the "best man".  Can this be happening??????   The wedding is tomorrow and will be beautiful.  The couple is young, so young but have dated for three years. They are high school sweethearts.  I know a few high school sweethearts from my high school years that are still happily married with kids and some with grandkids.  They are growing old together.  That's what I believe will happen with this couple:)  It's just surreal to start seeing my kids friends get married.  That old saying "the days past slowly but the years go quickly" is so true! 
Steve is going to look so handsome in his outfit.  I can't wait to see it on him. Yes I will take pictures.
AND we have found a babysitter!  I've never ever used one before.  But this girl is a great young lady, I know quite a few  people who know her and have only wonderful things to say about her on many levels.  I was texting her back and to and made an offer of $4 an hour....Ok do not laugh at me, remember I have NEVER had a babysitter before.  That's double from what is was when I did a little babysitting of OLDER preteen kids back in the day.  She gently told me her rate.  I was telling some friends and after they finished laughing and making fun of me for my $4 an hour offer, they told me I was lucky she didn't drop me then !  
Anyhow I'm looking forward to a night out with my husband and older sons.  We're going to dance all night long:)
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