Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

For the last few days Jon and I have been concerned about Sarah's sight.  Yesterday we had our fears confirmed, it seems all her sight is gone.  She has been a bit more clingy but for a girl who loves to sit on my mama's lap all the time, it's no problem.  I had noticed she would reach out with a back and to motion of her hands as if searching for something.  That was new for her, and I think that alerted us first.  I'm glad we knew this was coming, it helped us to deal with it without traumatizing Sarah.  Our guess is that her retina finally detached all the way since it happened so suddenly.  Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done, her little eye had so many problems, that we can only guess which one caused the eye to finally go completely blind. 

We are just giving her more love and holding her whenever she wants to be held.  She has still been doing good with her teachers.  One of her therapists said it might even be a relief to her since she was probably getting mixed signals from the small bit of sight that was getting through.  I know when Sam finally lost the vision in his left eye, it seemed so much better for him.  Of course he could see in his right eye.  It was like he got mixed signals and that made him more fearful of movement. 

All in all though I've had enough of dealing with little ones losing their sight!  It is heartbreaking as  a parent to watch and to wonder what is going on in their minds! Please pray that we are able to help Sarah and that she won't be afraid.  We are moving in just a few weeks and I hope she won't be stressed out by the move!  It's going to be a lot for her to get used to in a short period of time.

Well this is what a part of our living room looks like!  We are well into packing up our life :)

I've been inspired by an orphanage in India that works with special needs kids to really work with Sam and Sarah on self care skills.  Sam can feed himself corn!  We have to be more careful with him as he doesn't understand not to put too much in his mouth but he is learning.


Here is a link to the orphanage Sarah's Covenant House.  This post is about the little girl we support.  It's got a cute video on it.  She needs a forever family....could you be that family?????

Well I have to "tell the truth and shame the devil" one of my husband's favorite sayings.....  (it's also the name of a friend of mine's blog  He's a newspaper columnist, an author and a playwright   http://tellthetruthandshamethedevil.org/"  Ok enough talk....I'm NOT a vegan today, or yesterday, or Sunday.....   Vegan cooking is complicated and I've not had the time.  We hope to get back to vegan later this week.  I ate a tuna fish sandwich and my tummy is very happy!  So that is where I got the title for this post LOL

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  1. I'm so sorry that Sarah has lost what was left of her eyesight. But I'm rejoicing and thanking God that she did not do so before she was home with your family. I can't imagine how difficult that loss would have been if she were still in the orphanage :( God is so good, and his timing is always perfect. I'm so excited that you are getting so close to moving! We just moved in January, and I can attest firsthand how stressful it is. But it will be so worth it! I can't wait to hear about your family adjusting to their new home!