Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dates & Anniversaries

Dates and anniversaries are so important to me.  Obviously my family's various birthdays, my husband and my anniversary, the day we met are all dear to me.  I remember the day I left for college, graduated from high school, the day I graduated from college ....  We all remember sad dates like December 7,1941, or 9/11.   Today is actually 20 years since the Oklahoma bombing, do you remember where you were that day?  I was on the couch in our apartment in NYC, sick as a dog with morning sickness....(thanks Steve)  My brother in law and his wife were visiting us and they'd gone into the city to sight see.  Obviously watching the bombing unfold on TV, made me worry about their safety.  It was only a couple of years since the first Trade Center Tower bombing.  Back 20 years ago, none of us had cell phones so we could only hope that nothing was happening in the city. 

There are dates that are just part of us forever, tomorrow is one of those days for me.  April 20, 2012 was our court day for Selah and Sarah.  We had a nerve wracking court session.  While we were confident of the outcome, it was still scary that we'd be denied their adoption.  Lots of what went on went over our head, all spoken in Ukrainian.  But at the end the very serious female judge spoke directly to us and asked us to promise her we'd always take care of Sarah and Selah for the rest of their lives and be a real family to them.  Jon and I answered through our tears and made that very solemn commitment.  The judge knew both girls would need life long care.  She knew there might be hard times.  Little did we know what was ahead in a few months for us....but God gave us the strength then and has continued to give us the strength to always take care of the girls.  When I look back, that commitment, that vow seems oddly prophetic now......

I have pictures of some of the court officials and us but I'm hesitant to post them because of the war. I don't want to put anyone in danger.   The very courthouse we were in, has been the scene of a killing.  I actually saw the video and the aftermath of the attack on the internet.  I've since heard the building has been bombed.

we just became parents again:)
 Jon and I with our dear wonderful facilator
It's so odd, that day was all about Sarah and Selah but we didn't even see them that day.  We were granted permission from then on to visit them on the weekends which was such a blessing, we got to see them every day unless we had something we had to do (like paperchase for visa's birth certificates etc) 
Actually I had to look at our pictures from this day-3 years ago....
it was our first day outside on the porch.  I think this is the first time they'd ever been out there to  be honest.
 me and Sarah
Selah and me

Jon and Selah
Just so you know, it was not at all cold
So this was the orphanage.
the 2nd floor area was the porch we played on with the children
Sarah's room was either the first or second window on the right.  Selah's was all the way at the other end
It's funny how certain dates come up again and again...  Ironically, May 5th which is the day we took the girls out of the orphanage forever is the same date a year later that I had to take Sam to NY and have most of his left eye removed.....and now three years later it will be the date that Selah has her 2nd hip surgery.  When I was given the date, I first looked at our nurse in shock!  She asked if I wanted to change it but I said no, it was a good date, it was our "gotcha day" and it was a day that Sam's pain was relieved so it will be a good day for Selah too!  Her pain will be relieved and hopefully this upcoming surgery will forever take care of her hip issues. 
Also we remember sad days, I remember the dates of my various family member's deaths, the hardest date for me is August 15, the day of the accident. Well, Steve will report to college and move in the dorm on that date this year.   That kinda took my breath away.  But it will be a day of happiness, this year, we are glad to see Steve take independent steps, who know what that step of going to college will lead to......

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  1. Good luck to Steve on his journey! He will do a great job....he's got a good head on his shoulders and a loving family supporting him all the way! How exciting!