Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015 in pictures

Easter 2015 in pictures!

I don't really do Easter baskets cause Sam doesn't like sweets at all, Sarah and Selah can't eat them but I did get Shad and Steve Star Wars Easter bunnies:)

 Getting Ready for church-it took Steve and Shad to get Sam's shoes on, I just stood there and laughed!

I had the smart idea to take pictures before church!  Much easier although Jon was still at the prison doing his service



the loves of my life!!!

                                                     Selah and her nurse Rose who is like her Grandma:)




I caught Sarah looking so pretty

 our worship team practicing.

Sam enjoyed the egg hunt, he'd find an egg, laugh and then throw it as hard as he could!!!!

Sarah was not impressed!

Can you believe that Shad is only 4.5 months older than Sam?????  Sam looks really small next to Shad!!!!


Yesterday was THREE years since we met our girls

WE had just walked through the door that you can see over Jon's shoulder and saw them.  I didn't know who to grab first so I grabbed Selah and had my hands on Sarah.  What a moment....worth every penny, every effort, the ride on the all night hell train.....I don't think I've ever been any happier than right in that moment, so glad we have this picture even tho you can tell we'd not had a shower, no make up or hair fixed.....didn't even brush my teeth cuz we ran out of bottled water BUT I was there and I was with them!!!!!!!!!!


  1. A precious account of your Easter day...complete with love, laughter and real life!!! I got a giggle out of Sam's chucking the Easter eggs he found...hey--if it feels like a ball, it must be a ball! And Miss Sarah pretty in pink! All your kids are so precious, Yvonne. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life with us.

  2. The girls dresses are beautiful. Where did you get Sarah's. My sweet girl would be over the moon if she had that dress. Your boys are very handsome and I laughed at the show struggle (secretly wish someone would put my shoes on once in a while)

    1. I got Sarah's at JC Penny's- on sale and with a coupon:) It is so pretty!!!! I was afraid it would be too big, it's a size 7 but it fit her perfectly. Thanks!!!