Thursday, April 23, 2015


Today I want to share with you about a family that impacted my family in a BIG way and they are impacting many through their humanitarian efforts.
I first met Kristen over the phone.  She worked for the agency that had Shad's file.  I called her because i was so concerned about the little blind boy's picture (Shad)  We talked for awhile and I told her to give my name and number to whoever adopted him because I thought I knew a doctor that could help him.
A few weeks later I got a call back from her asking US to consider adopting him!  At the time Sam was little and very sick and I had just resigned my career job to stay home with him.  There was NO way we were looking to adopt....yet she asked us to consider.  So we did...consider and called her back and said we'd start the process ONLY to hold his case in the US.  We doubted that China would be crazy enough to approve us.  I can remember her telling me "God can make a way"  And honestly I thought it was easy for that young girl to say that, she didn't have a sick child....  Well she was 100% right...God did make a way.
Truly if any other social worker/case manager had talked to us in the NATURAL we would not have adopted Shad.  Our world had just been turned upside with Sam and we truly had no money and it looked like the absolutely craziest thing in the world for us to do and there were MANY people who felt free to tell us we were crazy but not Kristen.  She was always steady and just believed it would work out.  That's the kind of person I needed to be working with at that time.  I'm so thankful in how God used her in our family's life!

She always believed in us and even more so believed in a BIG God who loves orphans and who hears their cries!  
So in 9 months time I was in China picking up our little China man. 
As time goes on we lost touch, Kristen changed jobs, then somehow I heard she and her husband were adopting two children.  Then we reconnected on facebook. 
Now I'm able to see all the projects they do for their children's home country of Ethiopia.   

this is their first project

And there was a well project recently that they successfully completed
Now they are working on

Kristen writes "We've been raising money for 6 years now and the Lord just keeps blessing our efforts. Our current project is updating a school in Bachira, Ethiopia to a high school as there is not opportunity for additional education past primary school in this area. education is truly the key to breaking the cycle of poverty so our school projects are always so exciting! This one is in the actual village our two big kids are from, so it will be benefitting their actually family and friends living there!"

So can we help out again??????  Please visit this link   to give!!!!!!


Just an update on Ukraine....
we ( all of you blog readers) $1250 over the last few months to help our a humanitarian mission in Ukraine.  Sergey Kosyak is working hard in East Ukraine helping the refuges. Thank you all for what you do!!!!!!

And the well in Druz is working !!!!!!!!   So excited to hear that! 

There are many different needs in this old world, but if we all do something, it will help out many!  Thank you for being involved!!!

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