Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday thoughts

For many years I just kind of skipped over Good Friday.  I mean Easter is so much more fun and victorious isn't it?  Good Friday is hard, gruesome, painful and's a hard thing to deal with.  What Christian hasn't wondered WHY God demanded the physical death of Jesus?  I mean He is God right?  He didn't have to allow it......  
I know all the theological reasons.  I can quote you chapter and verse but it took until now that I realize just how much it sets Christianity apart from any other religion.  Christians had THEIR God, the God of the Universe come and die for them!  He didn't require them to sacrifice human lives for Him, He came and died for them, for me....that is mind blowing. 

On this Good Friday when the world is in chaos and our country is in turmoil, Jesus is still Lord of All.  As we see hatred for Him spreading across the world from so many different ways, He is still the God who gave His Life, the Only one who came out of the grave victoriously and the One who is alive on His throne! 

That's what I know to be true!


OH my almost a week has gone past since my last post....

Catch up....
Jon is fine, no one else got sick.  We still don't know what he had!

Steve has his application and all his financial aid stuff done for the fall!  We went on Wednesday and got him registered and applied for some endowment scholarships too:)




Some pictures of our babies......

Sam & Selah ready for church last week

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  1. Hi Yvonne, my 2 oldest kids in college shop for textbooks on ebay, craigslist, Chegg rental and a couple other sites I don't know names of. They save a lot of money like that. And if the class calls for a new edition, we email the professor to ask if the previous edition will be acceptable, lots of times it is. That might help you all a little with some of the costs. Some books they just have to break down and buy at college bookstore, but not often. Chegg includes the code that is required for some classes. Also my son works at walmart, and they let him work 15 hrs a week. If Steve is interested in working a few hours a week. Exciting times, and we have been fortunate to receive pell grants, and no loans yet :). Just wanted to share with you in case you don't already know, no need to post unless you just feel like it! Thanks and Happy Easter!