Friday, April 10, 2015

Good News/Bad News

  The story of my life LOL

We have a date to move in the house!!!!!!!!

It's June 17 :(

So we did get a date, there are lots of little issues, along with inspections and I think a new kind of Florida inspection dealing with flood zones.....  so everyone is positive that everything will be done and finished by June 17th.  It's official....

At first I was pretty upset, not so much with the wait as with what all is going on with us.  Selah is having hip surgery on May 5th and will probably have to go into casts, I'd hoped we'd be moved so the nurses could tend to her on both sides of her bed, so much easier for everyone.   Casts are really hard to deal with, we've done it once before and since we can only work from one side of the bed because the room is so small, it just makes it 10 times harder for everyone.   This time the casts will be high up, maybe even with a bar in the middle to hold her legs apart.  NOT looking forward to that!

Plus my house is packed up....totally, I could fill a moving truck up today.  So now I certainly will have to unpack some of the kitchen things I've put away.  Our house seems very chaotic with boxes everywhere.  I packed up over the last few weeks so we wouldn't be "caught with our pants down"  Sometimes I can't do things when I'd like to and it's better to do them as soon as I's all done! 

And the other thing I hate is with Steve going away to college in August, he'll only have 2 months of actually having his own room before he leaves us......I think that's what got me the most upset.  I feel like he's spent the last 2 plus years giving up a lot of privacy.

But we'll live and time will pass fast.  I do love where we live now, just not with boxes everywhere~!


So Steve and Shad's big trip was a trip by themselves to Universal Studios!  They've had a blast, we got them a hotel room there by the park so they would be safe and not have to drive all over the place.  Steve bought his and Shad's tickets, he wanted to do that for Shad and we got them the room.  I love that Steve wanted to take his brother with him.

I went out and cleaned the car windows with Windex and a towel before they left.  I remembered my father in law doing that for us one time we were down here visiting from NY and then waving as we left.  NOW I'm the parent left behind and waving LOL
Both boys were big Scooby Doo fans as I am too.  I adore this picture!
We were really happy that the boys got to go and have fun.  Of course now they'll expect this all the time.....
Sarah and Sam were out on the swings this morning having fun.  Sam is getting so big we can hardly strap him into the toddler swing.  But they still love it!
Sarah got her wheelchair today.  It's lovely and she likes it.  I'm hoping our insurance will cover one for Sam too.  He walks, but not far distances and both of them are too long for the big strollers we have.  He will be jealous of her wheelchair.  There have been times we've had just the single stroller and put Sarah in it and Sam just sits down on the ground in protest. 
 We'd hoped that Sarah would walk but despite intensive therapy and all kinds of doctor visits, she just doesn't.  We are not sure exactly why.....    All the doctors say her legs are strong enough and she really doesn't have CP.  It's like she doesn't have the desire.  It might be because of her vision, she doesn't have the sight to see things so there is no drive to move.  She'll walk some in her walker but she doesn't like to do it for long.    Sam was just turning 3 when he started walking.  He really took off after he'd had the corneal implant when he was 3.5 years old.  So maybe the lack of sight is what holds her back.   She'll walk out on her sidewalk but to take her anywhere with the walker is just overwhelming to everyone.  Maybe that will change, but at least we have her a wheelchair now to help us get her around:) 

Well hope you all have a great weekend.  Our boys will be home tonight cause Steve has work tomorrow.  We'll be glad for them to come home!

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