Saturday, April 18, 2015

Just a Good Week

It's been a busy week around here.

 The best news is that Steve got accepted into Southeastern and got his financial award letter.  He got a $3000 scholarship based on academics and another almost one for almost $3000 for his essay.  Along with two grants, we are really happy thus far BUT being that this is a private college, he still needs some more scholarships or we/he will be facing some big loans.  I believe it will work out somehow.....he still needs about $15,000 for the school year!

We are really focusing on spending time as a family, knowing that soon Steve won't be with us every day (just every weekend, all holidays and summer LOL)   Wednesday was his day off and I took the kids to Brandon, to drop off some stuff at a consignment store and we spent the day out together.  It was just good fun. 

Yesterday Jon and Steve had off so after Jon and I did our FIVE mile hike in the woods.  We went out last night to see "Mall Cop II"  It was really funny and awkward LOL .  I love awkward humor.  Maybe because that is my life.   Ha-ha!   Then we went to our new favorite place "Happy Cow"  Just so good to be together having a good time.  Sam enjoys a movie, or he enjoys the popcorn and drink!  Sarah sits on my lap, she doesn't care for the commercials before the movies, those are too loud for her but she did fine. 

Mall Cop II is my kind of movie, no real drama, just funny without being dirty.  I like a movie that makes me laugh.  I'm not into serious deep movies, life is too serious, I don't need to see it on the big screen. 

                                         what a cute picture:)  All three boys into the movie.

And here are the kittens at 5/6 weeks.  Yes they are adorable but they are becoming a pain!  They climb out of the box I had for them.  I went and cleaned a big dog crate we have and I think that is where they will stay for now.  They have learned to use the poop box quite well but it has to be changed 2x a day because they are so many of them!  The kids want to keep all of them and it would be hard for me to let them go.  However Jon almost had a heart attack...."SIX cats in the house?????"   LOL  Our two cats come and go outside so it's not like they are complete house cats.  We keep a poop box for them but most of the time they go outside.  Pets are wonderful but messy!


Mama cat has been so good

this is from last week, they've grown since then
 Can you smell the honeysuckle?
It's so strong this year.  The honeysuckle bush we have is huge.  It took about 3 or 4 years from when I planted it for it to really take off.  More than once I thought about pulling it out and starting over but a few years ago it started growing and blooming so nicely.  I love walking outside and smelling honeysuckle.  We have a big jasmine bush/vine too but it's further from the front door so I don't notice it as much.

Well you know I'd packed up everything pretty much including all four of my various size crock pots.  I was going to unpack so I could do some more meals for Sarah but Steve found this roaster for me at Walmart on clearance (it's nice to have a kid working at Walmart)  It's huge!  So I've been cooking her meals and pureeing them and putting them in the freezer again.  I love this roaster, it's probably twice as big as my biggest crock pot so I can do so much more food with it.  What I try to do with Sarah's meals is to prepare them with ours if possible then puree and freeze them.  Otherwise on days we have something that we can't puree like salad, sandwiches etc.... I still have healthy meals for her without having to use canned soup or baby food.    This roaster enables me to have plenty left over for her.  I use 2-cup glass (never plastic) bowls for her food.  I did have to buy some more of those but she needed more anyhow.  

Here are 12 servings ( 2 cups each) from the last couple of days.  She has chicken & rice, spaghetti, and beef stew. 
I'm southern in my roots and I just love feeding my people LOL
When I was a kid, I did not get that.  My family was all about FOOD.  And of course with my anorexia/bulimic self, I didn't want to talk or think about food.  Even when I was older and married, we'd stay with my grandmother and she'd cook a breakfast that would send you back to bed for the day and then as soon as it was cleaned up she wanted to know what we wanted to eat for lunch!  All I wanted to do was hit a bathroom and go back to my bulimic days!!!!   But now I love cooking for my family.  I'm not quite like her, my kids want me to cook breakfast every day and that hasn't started happening YET!  
I found out a few years ago my great grandmother was from Italy.  I still don't have that all figured out but I understand our embrace of food now!   I was raised it was not supper unless you had at least two meats on the table.  No one cooked any pasta, my grandmother would call that "goulash"  The only pasta was good ole Mac & cheese- all homemade of course. 

Up early this morning, woke up at 4:30 am with a cat on my pillow.  That will do it for you:)  Thought I needed to do a catch up on here.  Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Jon is teaching a seminar for volunteers at the prison this morning, and Steve has to work.  No more play dates for us.

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  1. When I was in elementary, there was a honeysuckle bush on the path that I walked to get to school. We would love to pick the flowers, pull out the bottom and lick the sweet nectar. About 15 yrs ago, I took my kids to the path and let them taste it. Such a fun memory.