Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Favorite Place

Hillsborough River State Park is one of my fav places in the world.  I love being there and there is such a calm that comes over me when I go and walk by the river.  Jon and I went today and renewed our annual Florida State Park Pass.  For $124 a year, a family can go to any state park as much as they want without paying anything else.  What a great deal, Florida has some wonderful state parks so we love to visit them.

Today it was "crowded" which meant you met people on the path.  So we went off the paths and used a little known path to take us further out in the woods.  Boy did we see the wildlife today!

Can you see the two big gators?  We were across the river so the picture isn't that great.  Look at the tail on the one!  Baby got BACK!
This picture was my hubby's big idea, we crawled down the bank so we could take a "selfie" with the gators in the back ground.  The bank was probably 8 feet down, I thought I'd bust my tail but managed to get down and back without killing myself.
Back to the "rapids" SO beautiful to me
I grabbed the tail of this snake once it got itself in the fence.  It's just what we call a corn snake or a barn snake, harmless.
my husband in his "Steve Irwin" outfit
See the baby gator?  He was all stirred up, jumping off things and swimming around.
Jon and I had a great time.  We both love getting out in the woods and walking.  It was really hot today, by the time we'd finished an 1.5 hour walk, I had sweat pouring off me but it was good:)
Yesterday I got an email telling me that Sam and Sarah are eligible for "respite care"  It's part of a federal program called Medwavier and it is for special needs families regardless of income.  Of course the email said it was hard to get a provider in our area but that's fine, we have a young lady who babysits for us who will become our provider.  It's an easy process to become a provider.  I laughed when I read the email, like I'd leave my kids with someone I don't know!!!    Anyhow we were daydreaming today about some of the things we are going to do when we have respite care.  We are going to take the boys on a kayak trip down the Weekie Wachee River.  That's something we can't take the little ones on.  We also plan on going to Weekie Wachee the park to see the mermaids too!  Homosassa Springs is on our list too.  We love to do things like that but Sam and Sarah really don't nor do we feel comfortable taking them on any kind of boat trip.  Sam and Sarah rather be home with their things, where they are happy than go out.  Also neither of them are too thrilled with the sun or bugs!   We take them out because we don't want them to become to used to being at home.  We don't want them fearful of being out of their home.  There is a balance for little ones like them.  But we are really excited about getting back to kayaking as a family.  Jon, Steve Shad and me have our own kayaks and really love it.  Usually we all four can't go together.  Someone has to stay home.  But now we can:)  
Hope you are having a great weekend! 

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