Saturday, April 25, 2015

Nepal Earthquake & Hello Molly

So terrible to see this awful news of the strong earthquake in Nepal.  If you'd like to give to help out the affected families, Convoy of Hope is a great organization.  They are the humanitarian outreach of the Assemblies of God and give aid in the US and aboard when disasters strike. You can read about their work and donate at the website below.


We have a new family member....

My son's friend rescued her a few months ago.  She was a stray and was being attacked by pit bulls.  He took her and got her all her shots, and got her fixed.  He and his wife are moving and found it hard to keep her so we are adopting her.  At first we were just going to babysit for a few weeks.  We got her yesterday and she cried all night outside.  We'd put her on a long chain because we didn't know if she'd try and get out of the fence.  Evidently she did not like the chain.  We worked with her today and she is just the sweetest dog.  She was all worked up yesterday and didn't know what was going on but she is calm today and totally fits in:)  She doesn't chase the cats and listens to us.  Since Molly is only about a year old, we look forward to a long time with her:)

My husband named her after a dog he had when he was a boy- Molly.  I sure miss Brownie girl today, but I think that Molly will be another dog for our family to love.

I love animals, if you hadn't picked up on that yet.....  And I don't know if "all dogs go to heaven" but I'm awfully glad for the animals I've had in my life.  They have all been friends to me and companions.  It's never easy to say goodbye to one but it is easy to say hello:)  So Hello Molly and welcome to the family!

Shad and the kittens
they are only 6.5 weeks old ( had to check with the calendar) and they already are all litter boxed trained and eat on their own.  I feel like they are super cats!


  1. I hope Molly will not have to live her life chained up outside. I hope she can be an inside dog and a family member. She looks like a nice girl.

    1. She will be an outside dog. We don't bring dogs in the house with our little ones as we can't watch them every second and they don't understand dogs. I'd never take a chance with the kids. Plus I don't really care for animals in the house, we have the two cats but they go outside most of the time and the kittens will too when they are older. We only had her on a chain because she was upset and we were afraid she'd go under the fence but she did good. Animals are wonderful....but they are animals!

  2. Molly does look like a lovely dog. I understand your need to not allow her inside your home due to health and safety of your family. With that said, I do believe that dogs are such a pack animal, that keeping them outside is both unhealthy (FL's high temps) and emotionally stressful. In fact, where I live in Arlington, VA one is not allowed to have an outside dog. Perhaps there is a family that could adopt her that would be able to keep her as an indoor companion pet. You have such a good heart taking her in, for that I commend you.

  3. I'm trying not to be sarcastic but animals are are made to be outside. I don't have a problem if someone wants them inside but they don't need to be inside unless they are out of their native area. Molly is a short haired dog who will do fine in Florida's heat. BTW I grew up without AC in Florida myself & survived. She has a nice doghouse for our "winter" or if it rains. Brownie was an outside dog & lived for 16 happy years. once we move our kittens will be old enough to go outside too- once they are spayed. I like be animals but I don't think of them as humans We live in the country & there is no ordinance against having an outside dog. That wouldn't fly here!