Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sarah's Covenant House-India

Our church youth group is getting ready for their Fine Arts District competition.  This year I have a son in it:)  Shad is playing the marimba.  This is a picture from practice last week.  They go to district next weekend.  Shad's excited about it.  Last year they made it to Nationals.  He has learned to play the marimba in two months.  I can barely say the word LOL much less play it!

I know I bring up many needs and good causes on my blog....  One that is near to my heart is Sarah's Covenant House in India.  We sponsor a beautiful 2 year old blind girl that is part of their program.   As part of the government crack down on child sex trafficking, the government asked all programs to quit showing pictures of the children's faces.  Since they complied with the government's guidelines their donations have dropped sharply.  I'm planning on giving more this month and was able to send in a donation that came in for orphan care through our church/my blog.  If you can give to them, please consider.  They do such an awesome job working with handicapped children.  In fact I often learn some pointers by reading some of their blogs!

Thanks for giving!  If we all do a little, it equals up to a whole lot!

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